Gundam 00 s2 ep 12 summary

Episode Summary:
-Continuation from last week with flashbacks.
– 00-Raiser pwnage.
– 00-Raiser vs Garazzo.
– Bring forced to retreat in an escape pod.
– Setsuna Newtype.
– Gadessa buster rifile.
– 00-Raiser HAX.
– Revival forced to retreat in a similar fashion as Bring.
Wang Liu Mei gets pimp slapped by Ribbons
– Louise is mildly insane.
– Saji EMOs.
– Setsuna gets punched in the face.
– A-laws vaporise refugee camps now(Villainous aura +1).
– At this point the screen went blank leaving only audio so I’ll add more when I watch the raw again (My datacap is pretty much dead).

The main purpose of this episode seemed to be developing Saji’s resolve to pilot the 0-Raiser so a lot a flashbacks from season 1 and EMOing ensured. Along with this they also showcased the 00-Raiser’s power, and had A-Laws vaporise a refugee camp via Memento Mori which aided in developing their place as a villain in the series.

Blah604 also summed up what I missed and has screenshots.


4 Responses to Gundam 00 s2 ep 12 summary

  1. AY says:

    Villainous aura! lol

  2. AY says:

    By the way, yeowch! That wasn’t just a slap or a Bright slap. That was a bitch slap. Ribbons owns Wang-Liu now. lol

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    Thanks, lack of sleep seriously messes up my spelling/grammar.

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