Gundam 00 s2 ep 13 summary

Sorry its later than usual.
– The episode starts off with the Katharon space fleet heading towards Momento Mori, Momento Mori then fires a shot towards the fleet of ships progressing from above.
– This then leaves the fleet progressing from the side to react, a shot is then fired by what appears to be the Gadessa however it is Healing Care piloting it as opposed to Revive Revival. Healing then proceeds to beam spam at the incoming fleet which in turn executes a Macross Missile Massacre that fails miserably.
– A grunt making it to the bridge scene is used again… this time he fails.
– 00 pwnage occurs.
– Hong sees the mark on Wang Liu Mei and is worried, she then brushes it off.
– Nena is sent in to reinforce Celestial Being’s forces(I think).
– Momento Mori is then shown to have a weak point(This should be added to the laws of pew if it isn’t there…).
– Saji is shown on the Ptolemy(meaning he isn’t needed to operate the 00-Raiser properly).
– Healing does one of those “I’ve got you now” type shots, this means it fails as she(?) has made her(?) presence known.
– Ptolemy flys along the orbital ring?(not sure what to call it.)
– The Momento Mori is fired at the Ptolemy.
– Transam is used, the shot then narrowly misses the orbital elevator’s observation deck, this allows Wang Liu Mei to do one of those apathetic poses followed by a slight evil grin.
– The Seravee and Cheridum then proceed with a syncronised attack, utilising the Cherudim’s “GN Bits”(?).
– An Ahead hurdles backwards after being shot… (this is somewhat hilarious when you see it at 1 a.m).
– Cheridum bits go BANG.
– Seravee fires that ball attack seen in a previous episode… in TRANSAM.
– Another Macross Missile Massacre.
– The Cheridum’s Holoscene(?) allows super accuracy.
– Lindt gets an “Oh shi-” reaction before being killed by shrapnel.
– Nena’s mobile armor distracts Healing’s Gadessa allowing the 00-Raiser to slice an arm off.
– Setsuna recognises the beam colour, as one of the Original GN-Tau drives(red particles as opposed to orange).
– Ending shown in full again.
– The orphans have a “pretty”, “amazing” reaction to the debris burning up upon reentry, to which Klaus responds “No, it is not pretty or amazing, that is the light of fighting-(I’d attempt to translate the rest but I’m tired and by Japanese is JLPT 4 at best)”.
– A “Gendo Ikari”(wearing a celestial being federation army uniform with a katharon coat?) lookalike who contacts Sergei, he then says “its been sometime, Wild Bear of Russia”.

Okay this episode easily could’ve had the most PEWPEWPEW to date in the entire series of G00, and in that aspect it was an awesome episode. This does seem to continue next week in two weeks. They also made it apparent that Saji wasn’t needed to co-pilot the 00-Raiser.
I think is the longest summary I’ve typed up, the reason for this being that I downloaded the raw as opposed to my usual typing while watching the episode. I’m not going to spellcheck this yet as I’m tired DONE.
Screenshot was brought to you by the /m/en of 4chan.


6 Responses to Gundam 00 s2 ep 13 summary

  1. Yagami says:

    Liked the ep though…
    Glad Lint died *_*
    Didnt like him =P

  2. blah604 says:

    Hey Ginno, im fairly new to wordpress, and i can’t seem to figure out how to add like new tabs beside like home, just hit me back up on my page,


  3. blah604 says:

    hey thanks

  4. Ginnodangan says:


    Not sure if hes dead though, he just kinda went “Arghh” as a giant slab of metal slammed into his ship. So on second thought he may still be alive, I hope not though…


    No problem, I discovered how to add them by accident at first.

  5. keikakudoori says:

    Pew pew pew is right. I’m so glad that Saji is not needed to co-pilot 00 Raiser. He screws up whenever he gets the chance. Plus he gets away with doing so many awful things in this show from being emo 99% of the time, getting his co-workers and the Kataron killed, hitting on Marie, to punching Setsuna in the face (which I don’t disapprove of) But still, he needs to go. Badly.

  6. Ginnodangan says:


    With all the Zeta vibes, he’ll probably go near the end(my guess, is around 2-3 episodes before the series ends), there is the possibility that he will survive but even then he won’t get a “good end”.
    I had hopes that his character would’ve changed when he became “0-Raiser”, and in a way I still do even though the possibility for such is quite low at the moment.

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