1/100 00-Raiser

– Easy to mod.
– Easy to build(took me a day to build, including painting).
– LEDs are nice(They glow~).

– No waist joint, not really a problem but it does limit poseability. You can add one with a saw, putty, and a piece of the runner if your skilled enough.
– Crappy neck joint, Bandai should have stuck with the season 1 neckjoints.
– Feels as if the 0-Raiser was made to dock with the 00-Gundam but the 0-Gundam wasn’t made to dock with the 0-Raiser(GN-drive attachments fall off a lot).

– Two sets of hands are included, one set for holding weapons, and another set of clenched fists that don’t really suit a purpose.

Bandai knows we like things that glow.

It was around sunset when I took these so I couldn’t take that many photos and the lights messed up, aside from that my camera skills suck.




2 Responses to 1/100 00-Raiser

  1. blah604 says:

    wait, where do you live? im planning to grab it too, and is the stand green or transparent white?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    New Zealand, and the stand that comes with it is translucent green(seperate version is a white and transparent).

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