Gintama episodes 141 and 142

Joint post due to a mixture of procrastination and laziness.

Stuff on the Opening even if it isn’t new:
Not as good as Donten but still alright(select high quality). Besides the animation suits the mood of Gintama more where Donten is more serious.
Word of warning I haven’t added the screenshots yet, so its a wall of text at the moment.
Even with the screenshots this is still a long post.

Gintama 141:
This episode starts off with a meeting between Kamui and Housen this time the room has proper lighting.
In this meeting Kamui is introduced as the captain of the 7th Division of the Harusame space pirates, which is also the division Housen founded. Kamui also makes it prevalent that Housen has gone soft in his retirement as when he asked for Hinowa with Seita by his side, Housen refused at all costs. Kamui then procedes to reinforce his claim and then insult Housen by calling him an “Old Pervert”.
Housen then uppercuts him with his fan and sends him through the ceiling. It is then revealed that Kamui quickly swapped places with one of Housen’s servents before he striked.
Kamui then hypothetically asks how is he supposed to quench his thirst that is not quenched by woman or alcohol. He then strikes Housen, who quickly blocks his strike, however Kamui’s blow still grazed him. Kamui then reveals that his thirst is none other than a thirst for blood, that can only be quenched by fighting one equal or stronger than himself.
Housen then remarks on how his eyes are the same as Umibouzu’s, there is then some backstory on how Umibouzo and Housen fought for three days straight before Umibouzu ended it in the most anti-climactic manner.
Gintoki, Shinpachi,Kagura, and Tsukuyo then resolve to return the sky to everyone in the Yoshiwara.
Its then back to the battle between Kamui and Housen who are now battling on the rooftop. When one of Kamui’s henchmen tries to stop them the result is that he is kicked downwards through the rooftop. The battle then continues until Housen slams Kamui onto the rooftop and grabs him by the face. In response Kamui taunts Housen before he is thrown through a wall. Kamui then walks out of the dust cloud and remarks on how they belong on the battlefield before they both charge towards each other, then commercial break.
After the commercial break the fight has been brought to a stand still as both of Kamui’s henchmen have intervened, and at the cost of one of there lives and an arm the fight has been brought to an end. As Kamui’s fist has gone through the Yato who attempted to intervene’s chest, and Housen has sliced off the other Yato’s arm with his bare hands. The remaining Yato then remarks on how the last surviving members of their clan should’nt be killing eachother, he then explains the circumstances of why they were sent to the Yoshiwara, Kamui then tells Housen how he isn’t worth killing before leaping off the rooftop.
Its then to Tsukuyo where she is aiding Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura enter the main building by saying that they are new recuits. As soon as they manage to enter the building they are attacked by the Hyakka. Gintoki has also been hit in the head with a knife… again. Gintoki then removes the knife and denies being hit. Shinpachi then does his role as the “straight man” its then shown that Kagura, and Tsukuyo have done the same thing except that Tsukuyo doesn’t remove the knives as they are in her back. When the Hyakka charge, Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura then reveal that they have hidden explosives.
It then cuts to Kamui and the remaining Yato who is bandaging up what is left of his arm before heading out as he is still in Housen’s debt. Kamui also explains his motivation and how he’ll kill all of his superiors if it comes to it.
It then cuts back where Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura have managed to get past the Hyakka with Tsukuyo holding them off. Before they go Gintoki takes Tsukuyo’s pipe as a motif for her to come back alive.
As they run down the hall they are interrupted as Kagura is hit through a couple of walls. The Yato then says that they’re missing someone. Then he is hit through a couple of walls by Kagura. Who makes one last remark on how not to confuse her with earthling before the ending theme.

Gintama 142:
Kagura tells Gintoki, and Shinpachi to go on ahead, Shinpachi ignores her however and tells Gintoki to go on ahead, and to Kagura’s objections he remains as Gintoki continues down the hall.
The remaining Yato, Abuto then says that life is one important choice after another and that Gintoki had main one of the wrong choice as a human taking on Housen is suicide and that they had picked the right one as their death would be swift. This also reflects on the episodes title.
It then cuts to Tsukuyo who is constantly deflect throwing knives but still being grazed by those which she is unable to deflect. This then changes when she takes a knife to the tendons causing her to lose all movement in that hand. She is then hit by multiple knives to the chest and in the form of a monologue says that in the end she was protecting nothing. She then falls to her knees and struggles to her feet and says with tears in her eyes that she’ll break the cage that is the Yoshiwara whilst reflecting upon Gintoki’s words before they left for the main building in the previous episode.
Its then revealed that the Hyakka are made up of those who were supposed to be eliminated and have been saved by Tsukuyo who hid the fact that they were still alive. One then says that she had protected all of them, and if Hinowa is the Sun then Tsukuyo is the Moon(Pun on their names Hi can mean sun depending on the Kanji and Tsuki can mean Moon depending on the Kanji).
It then cuts to Kagura and Shinpachi versus Abuto who is making quick work of them Kagura then asks where her brother is, Abuto then realises that Kamui and Kagura are related.
Seita is then shown running down a hall being chased by members of the Hyakka and before they can grab them there is a spray of blood, as Kamui has killed his pursuers. Kamui then tells Seita that he will take him to Hinowa and when Seita asks why they are attacked by members of the Hyakka. Kamui evades and replies that he just wants to meet the woman who is the Sun to all the women in the Yoshiwara. He then kills his attackers.
Its then back to the previous battle where Abuto is comprehending the odds of running into his captain’s little sister after he had travelled to some far off planet, which is in this case Earth. Kagura then tells him that Kamui doesn’t care about her as he “is a heartless bastard who tried to kill his own father and sister”, Abuto then tells her to add subordinates and master to that list. They then square off and exchange blows with their parasols, with Abuto having a clear advantage. Abuto then laughs maniacally, Shinpachi is sort of shocked by this.
Abuto then realises that Kagura is holding back and how there are parallels between her and Kamui. In which Kamui fights for his Yato blood, and Kagura fights against it. In the form of a monologue he says that with that attitude she’ll never beat Kamui, its at this point that he changes his tactics to a manner that will push Kagura to fight as Kamui does.
He then crushes Kagura’s arm under his foot, to which Shinpachi charges at him intending to stab him through the arm, and of course he had lost that arm in the previous episode so it has no effect. He then grabs Shinpachi’s Naginata and holds him against it to the ceiling with his foot a top of Kagura’s head. He then recall his words from the beginning of how life is one important choice after another while putting pressure on both Shinpachi and Kagura. Shinpachi then coughs up a vast amount of blood and Kagura screams at Abuto to stop.
She then snaps, and begins fighting with more bloodlust than Kamui had in the previous episode(sort of like Transam, lawl Gundam 00).
Its then to the point where Abuto is unable to hold back, however Kagura’s blows are still to powerful. She then grabs the Naginata and thrusts it through Abuto’s remaining arm disabling it before slamming him to the ground. He then tells her to kill him and before she is able to Shinpachi intervenes and manages to stop her. He then says that he made a promise to Gintoki to protect the Kagura they know and believe in, even if its from herself.
The rooftop then collapses and they all begin slowly fall into the abyss below. He then says that its time to make another choice, to not try to kill Housen and die, or try to kill Housen and die before grabbing them both and throwing them onto a nearby rooftop. He then asks them what they will choose, to which he answers is own question by saying that they will die either way, and that it was only a simple question.
He then says “that life is one important choice after another” and that they should continue as they wish.
He then falls into the abyss below with his final words being that he hates killing his own kind.
Next Episode:
Gintoki clashes with Housen(just saw the raw, dual wielding bakuto/katana Gintoki ftw)


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