Gundam 00 s2 ep 21 Summary

Sorry its late, I had trouble finding a raw.

Episode Summary:
– Setsuna and Saji discuss, Setsuna is natural Innovator, Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long are at Lagrange 5 at the eclipse colony. She appears to be injured from the previous episode.
– Discussion between Allelujah and Soma.
– Lyle pulls out his gun but is unable to shoot Setsuna when he has his back turned.
– The 00-Raiser heads for Lagrange 5, A-Laws close in on the Ptolemy(?).
– Revive and Heaing recount the previous battle and how the 00-Raiser had disabled them before they could strike back, Revive comes to the conclusion that Setsuna may be an Innovator now.
– Louise is popping pills, Andrei walks in and she lashes out, Bushido walks by and says something.
– Setsuna remembers Saji and Lockon’s words and says that’ll he’ll change.
– Shirin is in a small church and she finds Klaus wounded, he has a copy of Marina’s song. Meanwhile Marina and the kids are in a forest, Shirin and Klaus arrive with a truck and pick them up, they then drive off into the distance.
– Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long are still at the Eclipse Colony. Nena has tracked them down points a gun towards them and says “Farewell, milady,” as she pulls the trigger Hong Long moves to intercept.
– Hong Long manages to shield her but has been shot in the process, he then takes multiple gunshots pushing her out into the corridor. He turns around to counter and his visor is subsequently shattered by another gunshot.
– Regene is shown proclaiming that this is not Ribbons’ or Aeolia’s plan but his own, the 00-Raiser arrives, Setsuna exits the cockpit and proceeds onwards.
– He finds Wang Liu Mei and she gives him Veda’s co-ordinates, when he shows concern she says that she will be alright, Setsuna then heads back leaving her on her own. As he arrives he finds the 00-Raiser being held hostage by Mister Bushido who is not wearing a mask revealing himself to be Graham Aker.
– They then climb into their mobile suits, Graham puts his mask back on, and activates the Masurao variant, Susano. Sword clashing ensues.
– Meanwhile Wang Liu Mei is escaping in an escape shuttle, she is found by Nena and the craft is destroyed. – Ribbons hijacks Bad Haro.
– Louise locates the Drei has a mindshock flashback, and attacks using fang claws and transforms the Regnant. Setsuna and Saji want to stop Louise but are blocked by the Susano. The Regnant then completely disables the Drei and stabs Nena through the cockpit and appears to shoot a shot at point blank range destroying it completely.
– Louise is completely insane, looking for praise from her already deceased parents.
– The Susano fires a chest cannon(arguably shoulder), before the sword clashing continues until they both use Transam. They then spiral into the Transam Raiser world, where Setsuna reveals his Innovator eyes.

Next Episode:
“For Tomorrow’s sake”
– GN-Sword III.
– Ahead Launchers.
– Katharon(including Marina and the kids) in Space.

More plot developments are always good and Setsuna’s “Innovation” added a new level to his character, I also wasn’t surprised when the Regnant transformed as it was obvious after seeing it in a magazine scan, that and it looks like the Baund Doc from Zeta(the colour scheme is also similar to Rosamia’s).

Completely Unrelated
I foresee Bandai making multiple MG and/or 1/100 kits based around the Masurao and its variations. If Bandai does so they better include Light-up beam sabers, and or chest/shoulder cannons.


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