Gintama Yoshiwara Arc- Conclusion

Full Version of the 12th Ending Theme:

Kagayaita (輝いた), by Shigi.
Just some thoughts on the arc as its over now.

Looks like we have two antagonists for the serious arcs now, the first being Takasugi and the second being Kamui. This makes me wonder whether Sorachi/or Sunrise will utilise them one at a time or have them combine forces as both have ties to the Harusame.
Gintoki’s apparent “death scene” was actually done rather well, I actually thought he was dead as they didn’t show any signs against it in the preview, this was also aided by the rumors that Gintama was going to end, which it isn’t.
The Yato were also further explained as well, mainly being what happens when they’re left in the sun.
There was also some inconsistencies with this arc, a previous episode, and ending theme as Kamui was shown to have black hair as opposed to orange. This was dismissed in the Gin-pachi Sensei clip as the end of the arc.
As usual the action is fast paced, and generally fun to watch.
Should be a new ending this week.


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