Gundam 00 s2 ep 24 summary

Extra lazy cause I’m supposed to be studying.
Laziness has been purged. One more episode to go.
Also planning a rennovation of the Laws of Pew, suggestions welcome.

Episode Summary:
– Continuation of Regnant vs 00-Raiser, Regnant transforms, Andrei shot down.
– Opening theme.
– Tieria and Ribbons in Veda. Billy and Sumeragi, Billy dismisses the automatons.
– Cherudim vs Arche, Allelujah, Soma, and Lasse vs Gagas. Lasse almost out of particles, coughs up blood.
– Regnant shot down Louise is still alive, Revive and Healing close in. Saji heads towards1237709174968 Louise.
– Ribbons kills Tieria, Louise strangles Saji stops when she sees the ring.1237709265149
– 00-Raiser vs Revive and Healing, TRANSAM accelerated particles cause Setsuna to hear the words of his comrades as they struggle to fight on, Louise becomes unconsious.
– Setsuna unleashes the full power of the twin drive system, Setsuna hears Regene. Lyle manages to fight equally with Ali. Allelujah hears Hallelujah. Brings mindshock. Billy lowers his gun.
123770943071812377094249011237709479925123770954156712377095589161237709622540– Discussion between Soma/Marie and Andrei via the quantum brainwaves, both cry.
– Louise wakes up, lots of GN particles around the 00-Raiser.
– Setsuna closes in on Veda, Regene hijacks Veda, Tieria utilises the Seraphim Trial Field.

1237710044880– Brings pushed back, automatons fall down, Allelujah rescues Soma/Marie. Lyle shoots the disabled Arche, Ali escapes.
– Lyle corners him, hears Anew’s words about understanding each other and hesitates. Ali takes this opportunity to attack, Lyle shoots and shatters his visor. Lyle has found his resolve to fight as a Gundam Meister.
– Setsuna arrives at Veda, sees Tieria’s body and thinks that he is dead. Setsuna then hears Tieria speaking to him through Veda.
1237710186985– Ending theme.
– Setsuna has realised Aeolia’s plan, when all seems to be going well a shot is fired destroying the Seraphim. Ribbons has returned pilotting a Guncannon lookalike.

Next Episode:
– Setsuna vs Ribbons.
– New FMA trailer.

Well if there was a time to end the series it could have been this episode as a lot of things were concluded, leaving Ribbons and possibly Graham for a movie or something similar to complete the series. That said Ribbons’ return with the piano track in the background is certain to lead up to an epic battle.


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