Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Brotherhood episode 01 summary

My summaries for this show will be done in the same manner as my summaries for Gintama’s Yoshiwara arc unlike my summaries for the second season of Gundam 00 meaning they’ll be late by almost a week but won’t be as lazy.
Opening Theme:

Screenshots later.
Anyway onwards…

Episode Summary:
This episode starts off with the episode’s antagonist drawing a transmutation circle, Roy Mustang being entrusted with his capture, and Bradley mentioning the Elric brothers. It then switches to them on a rooftop, and makes it apparent that this occurs just before the events in Lior.

It then shows the antagonist, the “Ice Alchemist” running down an alleyway dispatching any grunts that intend to hinder his movement. His abilities of freezing and boiling stuff are shown. Then Edward and Alphonse intervene, theres a quick fight scene, and Edward’s automail arm is revealed. They then capture him and he is led off by the military. Theres also some reccuring jokes.

Then he escapes, it then switches to a meeting about the situation between Edward, Alphonse, and Mustang with Riza Hawkeye standing in the background. In this Maes Hughes is introduced when he interrupts, more reccuring jokes, and he offers that Edward and Alphonse stay at his house with his wife and daughter for the night. They have quiche for dinner, Alphonse is unable to eat.

It then switches to the Ice Alchemist who is making the offer of joining him, to Kimblee the “Crimson Alchemist”, he refuses and the Ice Alchemist leaves. Theres then a discussion between Hughes and his wife Gracia, he explains that state alchemists are called dogs of the military, or military dogs. Theres then a discussion between Edward and Alphonse, Alphonse adds the quiche to the list of things he wants to eat when he gets his original body back.

The Ice Alchemist’s plan is hinted, Mustang departs, Edward and Alphonse continue their pursuit, and Armstrong is introduced when he attacks the Ice Alchemist, his type of alchemy is shown(Artistic). Edward and Alphonse then meet up with him, and the Ice Alchemist escapes.

Theres then a confrontation between him and Mustang, his type of Alchemy is shown(flame spam), then the Ice Alchemist covers the area in water (semi-recurring joke of Mustang being useless in the rain), and he escapes. He then begins the activation of the transmutation circles in his plan. Theres then a confrontation between him and Edward and Alphonse. Theres then a quick fight scene and then the Ice Alchemist is revealed to be creating a giant transmutation circle in Central. Armstrong arrives deflects the wall of ice, and then moves on to destroy the transmutation circles.

Edward and Alphonse then catch up to the Ice Alchemist, theres another fight scene. Alphonse’s body is revealed to be hollow, the Ice Alchemist then proceeds to say that they defied the Taboo and commited human transmutation. Edward has a flashback to when he binded Alphonse’s soul to the Armour in the immediate aftermath, and gets pissed off, theres another fight scene and the Ice Alchemist is knocked off the wall of ice. He then attacks them with his frozen blood and escapes.

Meanwhile the walls of ice continue and prove to be impenetrable. Mustang then shows up with some new gloves and melts them. The Ice Alchemist is limping along an alleyway and comes face to face with Bradley, he then makes a spear from his blood and charges towards him. Bradley then kills him with ease.

Mustang and Armstrong manage to destroy the transmutation circle we get a glimpse of “Father”. Edward and Alphonse arrive to see Bradley and some soldiers dealing with the issue of the Ice Alchemist’s body.
Theres then a quick discussion between Hughes and Mustang. Then it switches to Edward in hospital, Armstrong then arrives with flowers, and does his usual recurring joke.
It then switches to the Humonculi, with Lust talking on a telephone with an unknown indivual and Gluttony eating something. Theres then a quick glimpse of Lior and the Ending theme plays.

Ending Theme:

Next Episode:
The manga version of their past.

Well this was a nice way to start the series with various characters being introduced, however there were issues that I had. Such as Edward’s automail arm and Alphonse’s hollow armour, which were probably introduced a little too early and should have been left for the coming Lior arc as the introduction there was better. Also don’t Edward and Alphonse not meet Armstrong or Hughes till later on(a few more chapters mangawise). But my memory of it is a bit hazy so I’ll reread a few volumes a week to continue criticising it.
Concerning the Opening, the music is nice yet it tends to show too much (*cough*Hohenhiem*cough*, a silhouette would have been more appropriate if they had to show him).
Concerning the Ending, it has a cartoonish appeal similar to the thirteenth Ending of Gintama, and its my favourite out of the Opening and Ending.


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