Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 2 summary

This episode covers most of the flashback stuff that was in volume 5 and 6, there was some stuff that they didn’t include such as them meeting Izumi and undergoing her training.

Episode Summary:
The episode starts off with Ed and Al on the train to Lior discussing the rumors concerning the priest in Lior and how it may lead to the philosopher’s stone.

It then starts the flashback from ten years ago where they taught themselves alchemy, messed up their father’s study and how their mother was proud of them. Later that year their mother dies, Ed suggests to Al that they use human transmutation to bring their mother back, Winry arrives and tells them dinner is ready. When they arrive at the Rockbell residence and they introduce the idea that Ed doesn’t like milk but likes stew due to adding milk to vegetable soup.

Theres then a glimspe of them training under Izumi accompanied by them studying human transmutation. Once they have completed there research, theres a lot of stuff that signals that what they are doing won’t end well, such as the crow and the shot from outside their house dyed red. They then set everything up and commence the transmutation, black smoke raises from the transmutation circle, Al notices that something isn’t right, and a giant eye opens in the circle and multiple arms reach out and break down there bodies.

Ed then finds himself at the gate confronted by none other than the collective consciousness of the world, the gate then opens and the arms pull him into it where a vast amount of information is stuffed into his head, his mother’s silhouette then appears in the distance and just before he can reach her he is pulled back. Once again he finds himself at the entrance where he requests to see a little bit further, the collective consciousness then says that is as much as he can show him for the current toll fare and takes his left leg in exchange bringing up the idea of equivalent exchange.

Its then back to where Ed is missing his left leg and Al is completely gone, he then looks at the result of the human transmutation and sees something that isn’t human. The suit of Armour that was on the wall then lands on the ground and Ed drags himself to it draws the bloodseal on the armour and binds Al’s soul to the armour at the cost of his right arm.

After the ad break a meeting between Hughes and Mustang is shown where Hughes gives Mustang the report concerning the Ice Alchemist, Hughes then asks why Mustang made Ed a state alchemist despite his age. Theres then another flashback this time from four years ago, where Mustang and Hawkeye visit Resembool. He arrives at their home, sees the blood from the attempt at human transmutation, he then goes to the Rockbell residence, and confronts them to which Ed breaks down and all Al can do is apologise.

Mustang then introduces the idea of becoming a state alchemist in order to obtain their original bodies, Winry’s grandmother Pinako is against it. Theres then a conversation between Winry and Hawkeye where Winry brings her tea and she asks why Hawkeye became a soldier to which she responds that she has someone to protect. They then leave and Roy comments that Ed’s eyes show a renewed determination as they do so.

Its then back to Ed’s perspective where he is getting his automail and is determined to complete rehabilitation within a year. After that it shows Ed and Al training and Ed is able to use alchemy without a transmutation circle, Winry smacks him over the head with a chair for altering the automail she worked on.
After that it shows the state alchemist examination that the Fuhrer is attending in person, everyone is amazed that Ed can use alchemy without a transmutation circle. He then transmutes a spear and charges towards the Fuhrer stopping while all the guards have there guns pointed at him and comments on this being a flaw in the examination process, the Fuhrer then walks away with his sword drawn and wishing him luck in further examinations and the spear is sliced in two.

Theres then a shot of Winry and Al in a field where Al is wondering how Ed is doing and how Winry asks whether they’ll leave if Ed passes, Al responds that they will. It then goes to the Eastern Headquarters where Mustang congratulates Ed and gives him his certificate in which the Fuhrer has appointed the position of “Fullmetal Alchemist” to him. Its then to the present where Ed and Al are approaching Lior.

Next Episode:
The Lior arc begins.

Well overall this could have waited as some aspects of it were removed.


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