Gintama 154

In the meta Kintama parody Shinpachi gets an operation on his chin that goes wrong.
This episode is about Kyuubei’s birthday party. Shinpachi and Otae pick up a cake, some randomness occurs, somewhere towards the end the cake gets smashed and Shinpachi rages at the culprit(?), Tojo helps him and causing guests to leave until you get to the screenshot seen above.



Next Episode:
Revolves around Hasegawa.


2 Responses to Gintama 154

  1. blah604 says:

    ahh ginno, how do you align your pics so well? 😛

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I make sure that the thumbs are all the same size and manually alter the size if they aren’t(edit image, alter percentage to match the rest).

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