Fullmetal Alchemist: Botherhood episode 13

Starting this again since its getting into the stuff that wasn’t in the previous series.

Episode Summary:
Ed and Izumi talk about reawakening Al’s memories of the “truth”.

Mustang plays chess with the general and then, he and his squad get transferred to Central city.



Scar talks with his master. Yorki is introduced without his back story (the coal mine episode).



While Al is sweeping in front Izumi and Sieg’s store, he is led away by the Chimeras. They manage to catch him by knocking off the helmet, having Martel go inside of the armour, and then Roa overpowering him. They take him to Greed’s hideout, the Devil’s Nest.



The chimeras work for Greed who introduces himself as a humonculus, doesn’t die when he is killed and is interested in how Al is somehow immortal.


Ed finds one of the chimeras and gets him to lead him to the Devil’s Nest. After a quick exchange of words Ed gets pissed and there’s a fight scene between Ed and Greed allowing him to show off his powers as the ultimate shield.



Izumi heads for the Devil’s nest and Ed is getting beaten by Greed. He learns that he is able to transmute Greed’s shield, weakening it enough for his attacks to harm him. Izumi shows up and uses the same techniques Ed used against Greed.





Next Episode:
Wrath vs Greed.
Lin should show up soon.




Well some stuff was removed, such as Ed fighting the lizard chimera to lead him to the Devil’s Nest but I suppose they did a good enough job. The order that this episode was in is actually quite different as well. As the manga involves Ed having to submit a report, the Fuhrer and Armstrong arriving, Sieg and Armstrong building a friendship based on their muscles, and Izumi storming the Devil’s Nest. After which Ed shows up.

Some of the Chimeras were re-coloured?

I actually thought that they would have merged this episode with what will be either the entirety or part of the next episode. Allowing the manga exclusive characters Lin, Fu, and Lan Fan to show up accompanied by the new opening/ or ending which could have been the next episode.


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