Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 15

Onwards to the material that wasn’t in the previous series at all even though that may have been last week.


The episode starts with a fight between the Silver Alchemist(?) who traces transmutes swords while spinning on his peg leg, and Scar. Scar manages to destroy this leg though and he falls into the sea, he is then killed in the usual fashion. However in this fight Scar is wounded.

New Opening theme “Hologram” by NICO touches the walls.



If the fights are animated the way the OP suggests it will be awesome.

After the opening a young girl from Xing (FMA equivalent to China) named May is introduced, she heals Scar’s leg using the Xing equivalent to alchemy. She wants to meet the Fullmetal Alchemist, but her idea of what he looks like is quite different.




It’s then to Central city where in the night Hawkeye is walking home. Unknown to her a stranger lurks in the shadows, this stranger turns out to be Barry the Chopper who escaped the laboratory’s destruction previously. In response to his attack Hawkeye pulls a out a gun and opens fire knocking him over. When he gets up she pulls out another gun and fires again. When Barry lifts his helmet to show that the armour is empty she gasps fires again.



Riza Hawkeye, best female character in FMA.

She takes him to the barracks to meet with Mustang to discuss what happened at the laboratory.

After that it’s to Rush Valley where Winry is studying/working. She is at first surprised when Ed and Al arrive, but this quickly turns to a silent rage when she sees Ed’s arm and how badly damaged it was in the previous episode.



Ed and Al then go for a walk but when Ed sees Al crouching down in front of a alleyway, he at first thinks that hes found another cat it instead turns out to be a man who passed out.

“Put that back where you found it!

When he wakes up he introduces himself, Ling Yao and how he crossed the desert to reach Amestris (FMA equivalent to Europe) seeing the ruins of Xerxes on his way. He explains a bit about Xing’s alchemy, Rentanjutsu(?). Ed also talks about the situation Amestris is in, fighting on one side and not fighting on to the North due to the Briggs mountains. Ling turns out to be looking for the Philosophers Stone when Ed and Al refuse to talk to him about it his bodyguards attack them at the click of his fingers.


Geography in FMA

This then turns into a battle with Ed and Al fighting against the bodyguard that attacked them and they are pushed back in unarmed combat. The screen then zooms out and there are dust explosions and light from their alchemy.




Paninya catches up with Al. Ed destroys his attackers mask, she then breaks his already broken automail arm and throws a bomb. Al convinces Paninya to use her cannon leg on his attacker. Al then bursts out of the dust cloud and traps him in cables made from alchemy. Ed’s attacker then sees Ed’s automail arm sticking out of the rubble when she pulls it out, it triggers a trap similar to the one Ed and Al used to catch rabbits when they were training under Izumi.





It turns out that during the battle Rush Valley was practically destroyed and the Ling ate a lot at the restaurant where they talked and is expecting Ed to pay the bill. Since he and his bodyguards have escaped/run away. When Ed sees that Al no longer needs a transmutation circle he is annoyed that the balance in attributes has shifted.


After they fix the town they return to the shop where Winry is training/working and finds Ling drinking tea with Winry’s instructor, Garfield. Here he introduces his bodyguards, Ran Fan and her grandfather Fu. He also introduces himself as the 12th prince of Xing. He then explains the situation Xing is in where the Emperor is ill and he needs the Philosophers Stone to gain his favour. Winry returns and sees that Ed has effectively destroyed his automail arm causing her to throw lots of tools at him.


When Winry is rebuilding his arm she overhears them talking about going to Central city, she then asks them if she can tag along to see Hughes and his family who took care of her last time (oblivious to his fate). Ling then pops up and asks if he can go as well.


The episode ends with Scar, Yorki and May travelling by cart.

New Ending theme “LET IT OUT” by Fukuhara Miho.




Next Episode:
Ed, Al, and Winry return to central. A new arc should be starting soon. Please don’t mess it up BONES…

Is that the Mona Lisa on the notes?


Overall this was probably my favourite episode to date, not in the sense that it contained what appears to viewers of  only the first series ‘completely new material’ but in the sense that it was actually structured well in comparison to the previous episodes. Hopefully BONES will keep this up as the excuse that they’re only recapping what has already been shown before is no longer applicable.

I stand by my statement, Riza Hawkeye is the best female character in FMA, however female Armstrong hasn’t shown up yet and probably won’t show up until episode 28-35.

It appears that in Brotherhood, the coal mining town only exists through Yorki as it was removed again in May’s introduction scene.

Miyano Mamoru did a good job with Ling’s character.

Ok now to delve into the new opening theme, since I’m familiar with the manga I won’t tear it apart and say what everything in it represents. Mainly because I don’t know how to use spoiler tags here, I could still do a post on it later, but I don’t really see a need to do so.

I’m kind of indifferent to the new ending theme and finding myself preferring the previous one, but I suspect it will grow on me over time.


5 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 15

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i’ve always wondered why it’s called brotherhood, it doesn’t say so in the title…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I think it’s there only to differentiate it from the previous series.
    No other reasons I can think of…

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i meant that i haven’t actaully seen any official picutes/articles that say the words “brotherhood” as part of the title. in fact i only saw ppl calling it fma s2 and stuff like that until eclipse released their eps with “brotherhood” in the name. was it something that fansubs made up, or was it announced or shown somewhere that “brotherhood” is in the title?

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Madman (Aus/NZ distributor) has it listed as brotherhood. I’d check funimation as well, but non-North American IPs are blocked now.
    So it might just be for the distributors.

  5. Point Blank Sniper says:

    yeah, on funimation’s site, it says “BROTHERHOOD” in big red letters under the rest of the title…i guess it’s actually not actually called brotherhood in the japanese version…FUCK FUNIMATION
    i will only call it FMA from now on, at least until i see an official japanese souces that say “brotherhood” >=(

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