Gintama 166

Hijikata and Sougo are on a mission, and Gintoki stumbles into Hijikata.

I don’t have enough screenshots to convey how awesome this was.

It starts off as an argument, turns into a brief fight, and then Hijikata handcuffs Gintoki to him.
This is going be one of those episodes where two characters are handcuffed but lose the key.
With one difference, Sougo handcuffs their other hands together and walks off like the sadist he is. After this they argue, and fight more when the suspect walks off.
Eventually they cooperate and follow him, this leads them to a restaurant where they both order something but due to being handcuffed together mayonaise gets poured everywhere. Turns out Sougo replaced the mayonaise with laxatives. They then fight over who gets to use the bathroom first,  all the plans they had come up with turn out to be useless (plans A, B, and C in that order). They then come up with and use plan D. However by now the suspect was leaving so they hijack a scooter and chase after him.
They follow him and infiltrate the vents, they are then heard and cut out of the vents and then commence kicking ass. Sougo arrives with reinforcements arrests the suspects and un-handcuffs them.









One Response to Gintama 166

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i ROFLed just reading this and looking at the washroom diagrams

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