Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 16

Ed, Al, Winry, and Ling and his bodyguards have arrived in central but Ling is missing.

Havoc meets with Falman who has been charged with the duty of looking after Barry the Chopper. He drops off a basket of food. Havoc has found a girlfriend.



Officers find Ling unconscious and due to him practically being an illegal immigrant he is carted off. Winry runs of to see Hughes and his family and Ed and Al run to the military headquarters and past the phone booth where Hughes died. Mustang has been reading through the archives. Sheska is confronted by one of the generals about it, who turns out to be Envy in disguise.
Mustang meets Armstrong in the washroom while he is shaving.





Ed and Al arrive back and meets with Mustang where he asks how Hughes has been, Mustang lies. They meet Maria Ross afterwards. Winry picks up a basket of apples, Ed runs to find the truth of what happened. Winry arrives at Hughes’ house and meets Gracia and Elicia. Ed and Al arrive and apologise as they feel that they are responsible for his death.
They arrive at the hotel that they are staying in, Ed and Winry talk, she bursts into tears.


Lust and Envy talk in a room filled with ‘experiments’. Maria Ross is arrested for the murder of Maes Hughes. Havoc meets his girlfriend who turns out to be Lust.



*Dun dun duuuuun*

Next Episode:
Maria Ross is questioned, and escapes.
Mustang puts on his gloves.




Well some stuff was edited out/changed from what was shown in the preview (see comparison shots below) and though the flow of events was different to the manga it worked. I actually expected for more to be covered in this episode as well but I’m glad it wasn’t as it means BONES is keeping up the same pace as last week.

Last weeks preview is on the left and the footage from this week is on the right, not like it really matters though…



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