Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 17

Maria Ross is questioned, a bullet is used for evidence against her as it matches the rounds in her side arm and how she’s missing a bullet (from laboratory five).


Armstrong is turned away and meets Denny Brosh. Ed, Al and Winry sit around and talk in their hotel room.




Falman and Barry the chopper look at a newspaper. Ed and Al see a copy of the same newspaper and see that Maria Ross has been convicted.





Ling is in a cell while Barry the Chopper walks through the guards, he convinces him to let him out. Barry breaks into Maria Ross’ cell and shows the newspaper. They escape and an order to shoot to kill is put out. Mustang is shown walking down the road putting on his gloves. Barry, Maria, Ling encounter Ed and Al. Barry blocks their path allowing Maria to run off. However after running some distance she is blocked by Mustang.

Prepare for screenshots en masse, I probably should have used thumbnails…












Ed and Al arrive to see Mustang standing over a charred corpse. Ed responds with the ‘run up and grab the person’s collar’ Mustang pushes him off punches him in the face.






The military police take the body away. Dr Knox(?) does the autopsy and confirms that the body belongs to Maria Ross, Armstrong responds angrily to Mustang.  Hawkeye walks out of Mustang’s office.


Ling is living near Barry and Falman, he makes smoke signals to signal his bodyguards. Mustang talks on the phone with a woman and Armstrong purposely breaks Ed’s automail and drags him off.



That was fast.


“Oh shi-“

Envy and Lust talk, he shows her a sketch of Barry. Lust looks over to a cage.


Next Episode:
Ed and Armstrong head to the ruins of Xerxes.
Barry fights with the man who was in the cage.
So the next episode should have a lot of action.





I expected it to finish with Maria meeting Mustang then him clicking his fingers as the screen faded to black as that would have been a good place to finish the episode. The episode itself was alright though.

Usual summary will either be a few hours late or a day late next week, blame work.


11 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 17

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i’ve been too lazy to watch through the stuff from the first show so i havent been keeping up with this XD but it seems to be very different already, and it’s still quite early on =) there must be a lot of new stuff waiting for me to watch XD i should pick this up again soon…i’m stuck on ep8 or something XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Well it was pretty bad until episode 15 (13 and 14 were alright).

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    unrelaated to fma:
    i watched the 5th movie last nignt, it is probably the only one that i would call a movie, and it was awsome =)
    but there were weird parts that i didn’t get
    like the part where fake/doll touko (i can’t remember their names poroperly so i might get it all mixed up) goes and fights the weird blonde dude in red and you can see kokuto lying on the floor beside him. then she gets pwnd and kokuto comes again?!?!? and tries to fight the blonde dude and gets knocked out and finally the real touko comes(implying the real tokou never actually met them?) and she kicks ass. why are there two kokutos????
    then there’s the enjou guy. he was a robot, but which house did he escape from then? the real one was long dead and rotten, the fake repeating family has their own enjou, and they dont seem to be robots either, they dont bleed like him. so how does that work?
    how did shiki kill the evil guy at the end? she couldn’t see his death at the beginning.
    and how did the apartment collapes and still be there after it fell???
    i’m so confused and there might be more that i cant remember atm XD

  4. Point Blank Sniper says:

    if gg stays consistent with their speed, we might get to see the 6th movie in 2 days =) i’m so excited cuz it’s gonna be in a girl accademy where there must be lots of lolis =)

  5. Ginnodangan says:

    This is stuff I’m recalling off the top of my head so I can’t really vouch for it’s accuracy.

    Kokuto was on the ground? I took it as Touko going on ahead, being defeated by Araya, Kokuto and Enjou going to the building. Alba chases Kokuto, head crushing/Kokuto attacking him, Real Touko shows up with the suitcase and kicks his ass.

    Enjou was from the fake side of the apartment building that was stuck in a spiral, and he escaped from the ‘spiral’.

    It’s a third personality, that specialises in killing concepts, i.e. the concept of the distance that was between them. And Araya took a sword to the chest, right?

    That’s all I could think of at the moment.

  6. Point Blank Sniper says:

    err.. that doesn’t answer anything…
    let met try to explain it again

    near the end, touko’s doll goes on ahead, she sees kokuto lying on the ground and alba is crouching over him, then she attacks alba with the cat thing. araya shows up and ends up ripping her apart. then kokuto arrive with enjou, shit happens and kokuto is chased to the lobby. alba beats kokuto up and crouches over him, it looks exactly like when touko’s doll arrives. then the real touko shows up and devours alba with the huge monster thing. kokuto was lying there for both the times that touko or her doll showed up, plz see it again if you didn’t notice XD

    about enjou, either side of the appartment already had their own enjou, so he is a third one, how does that fit in XD

    and about araya’s death, does’t that mean the first time shiki fought him, she couldn’t see his death because he was “too far?” cuz i don’t get why the sword in the chest could kill him when a knife in his neck couldn’t

  7. Ginnodangan says:

    It probably makes more sense in the novel since Alba puts up more of a fight the first time since he uses magecraft to create slime monsters and light the staircase on fire(1000 degrees celsius, that would cause any living organism to sublimate) when the cat puppet aproaches him. But I’m going to put it down to the nonlinear order that the scenes are in. So when you see Kokuto lying on the ground it’s when the real Touko arrives (his reaction is the same). When Touko uses the cat puppet it’s after Alba goes on about his inferiority complex, and the puppet is unleashed when the suitcase is dropped after you see Kokuto lying on the ground.

    He could have been replaced quite easily.

    Araya had detached himself from the Ogawa building which was effectively part of his body and acted similarly to a ‘reality marble’. So while detached he died when he was killed.

    About the building, it didn’t completely collapse, as it’s still standing at the end when Araya dies.

    I’m just gonna go listen to sprinter.

  8. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i still think oblivious is the best, sprinter only comes second =)

  9. Ginnodangan says:

    Oblivious is pretty good as well, but I still prefer sprinter due to even without having listened to/hearing it for a month, the urge to loop it when I hear part of the instrumental.

  10. Point Blank Sniper says:

    6th movie has been subbed!!! gg is scary fast XD
    but torrent isn’t really going…

  11. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i just finished watching it =) was filled with pretty and flashy effects and animation
    Azaka ftw

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