Kara no Kyoukai 6 – Oblivion Recorder

Figured I might as well do this.
Oblivion recorder is set chronologically in January 1999, would be the sixth if the series were to be placed in chronological order, and generally focuses around Azaka. Which is good considering she got little to no focus in the previous episodes.


It’s also good if rainbow coloured magic and sparkles are your kind of thing.

The movie starts with a flashback of Azaka’s past where she goes and sits next to Mikiya. After that she has a monologue about herself, and her relationships with the other characters. She intentionally went to a boarding school for the chance of Mikiya not seeing her as his little sister. When she arrived back she was surprised to see him with Shiki and has since then considered her, her rival. This is also why she became Touko’s apprentice.


She really looks like Tohsaka Rin when she was young, I blame the ribbons.

At Azaka’s school a magus has been using fairies so, Touko has sent Shiki to infiltrate and investigate her school to find them and particularly due to the recent suicide of one of the students there. On their investigation they meet with on of the teachers, Satsuki Kurogiri who is revealed to have an interest in them but dismisses the idea. Misaya Ouji, a senior at the school is also introduced.



Unable to find out any information they take a break, Shiki sees a fairy and Misaya is shown ominously in the shadows. There’s then another flashback of Azaka’s past where at the funeral for a relative she notices Mikiya. Shiki wakes her up and tells her that her memories had been taken. They then raid the school records, Shiki ‘kills’ the lock of a cabinet that was locked. When going through the books they discover that the student that committed suicide, Kaori Tachibana had an outburst in class about fairies coming for her and ran out. Despite the report the people are unable to remember it. A picture of Touko is also shown from when she attended, but isn’t she supposed to have black hair originally before she dyed it?



If Mahoyo ever has multiple routes, it better have a Touko route and if it doesn’t it better have a ‘bad’ end that can be counted as a Touko end.

Azaka wrestles Shiki since she took a knife, it’s in this scene that Azaka realises that Shiki knows that she is in love with Mikiya. She explains that she lives by taboo naturally, and that she can’t remember when she started liking him.


I find it odd that Shiki who was raised as the head of the Ryougi family was overpowered by a sixteen year old girl.

Azaka investigates the old school building where Kaori killed herself, she meets Misaya and they go and pray together where Misaya talks about Kaori and how she was a friend to her. She wants to erase her disgrace, and that she was the fairy user. What happened to Kaori is explained, where one of their teachers, Hayama was a drug addict, Kaori found out and was threatened not to tell, eventually committing suicide. Due to this Misaya by accident killed Hayama.


Misaya is the fairy user, if it wasn’t already obvious.

Azaka is knocked out and waken up by Satsuki who she confuses for Mikiya briefly. Shiki catches up and tells her that the students in Kaori’s class have disappeared. Azaka searches for Misaya in the old building and finds that a large chunk of it has been removed. It starts to rain and she returns to her room. Azaka remembers when she was with Mikiya when they were children and how he couldn’t cry.


Disappearing buildings.

She receives a call from Mikiya. Afterwards Mikiya hangs up the phone and him and Touko are shown at a diner, where she refers to Satsuki as ‘God’s word’. Azaka walks past Satsuki and heads to the old building again where she sees the missing class in the same room where Kaori committed suicide surrounded by gasoline and holding lighters. She finds Misaya.



Hypnosis countered.

Meanwhile Shiki confronts Satsuki, who reveals that even in death Araya Souren is still somehow pulling the strings since he asked for him to return. He confirms himself to be God’s word.


So, he did all this for entertainment?

In the building Azaka confronts Misaya in the chapel, and tells her that Hayama’s death was his own fault and not the result of her actions, therefore her cause for revenge is fake. She then fires fairies at her, that Azaka evades. She tells her that her revenge and magic came from Satsuki.


This was awesome.

Shiki fights Satsuki who uses hypnosis aided by the ‘unified language’ to evade Shiki’s attacks, he then just disappears.


And the antagonist just disappears…

The fairies no longer respond to Misaya now that Satsuki is gone and now intend to devour Misaya. Azaka moves to rescue her and destroys the main part of them that resembles a flower. Misaya is unconscious but still safe. In the epilogue Misaya is shown alone in Satsuki’s office, and Azaka’s room mate returns.



This was even more awesome.

Azaka arrives at the bus stop to find Mikiya waiting, who tells her that Shiki went on ahead, she purposely makes them both miss the bus and drags him off to the nearby town to get something to eat. After this she remembers how she began to like him due to how he didn’t cry because he didn’t want to make anyone else sad.


And a good note to finish it on.

In the prologue to the seventh movie a man strikes a man with a block of wood, and begins to ‘consume’ him. He meets Araya Souren who makes him aware of his origin that is consumption. Araya commends him, they then ask each other for their names. The man says that his name is Shirazami Lio, Araya says he is shamefully one character/letter from being a lion.


Luckily playing Tsukihime prepared me for this.

Here’s the trailer for the seventh film, Murder Study part 2 as well.

As far as an antagonist went Satsuki fell short, I wasn’t expecting that much, but from the character summary I had read he seemed a bit more ‘capable’ and there was a lot more to his character and his relationship with Misaya who was convinced that he was her long lost brother.
As a lighthearted episode before the conclusion this served well with Azaka’s reactions and her interactions with Shiki proving to be quite amusing (the *punch* scene).


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  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i love the pew running scene =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Yeah, it was awesome.

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