Gintama 169

They plan their assault on the Demon King’s castle.


Screenshots updated.

Gintoki and the Leukocyte King start arguing about their roles in the group. Kagura distracts the grunts, Gintoki and the White King start arguing and fighting over who charges in first.




They start fighting each other and then start blasting super moves at each other that inadvertently takes out grunts in the process. They keep blasting each other until their attacks combine and explode taking out all of the surrounding grunts.




The Leukocyte King tells them to go back since he thinks he can do this on his own. He then sees a treasure chest and opens it, it turns out to be one of those treasure chest monsters.
Tama fades away…



Gintoki and the Leukocyte King show up and wipe out the grunts while their leader is making a speech, they then pick him off. The Demon King steps out and removes his helmet to reveal a face like Tama’s face. The Leukocyte King charges in, is weakened, and stops.


While the Demon King talks Gintoki kicks him in the face.


I should have mentioned this earlier, Tama’s appearances in the ending theme in this arc have been as the pixelated sprite form.


Next Episode:


Holy Fuck, Gintama Amanto invasion OVA?


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