Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 19

Mustang hears gunshots and fearing what happened to Hughes happening to Hawkeye he heads to the scene.


Screenshots later than usual, but there’s over 50 of them so I’ll be using thumbnails like I’ve done in some of my other posts. This was a particularly good episode anyway.

Hawkeye empties her magazine into Gluttony but he regenerates, Black Hayate and Fuery rescue her and Mustang arrives just in time to blast him out the window.



Mustang, Hawkeye and Havoc chase Barry’s original body. Al catches up with them agreeing to go with them. Barry runs through the hospital, Mustang takes it over and they head to the bottom floors. Mustang and Havoc investigate one of the rooms, and are met by one of the homunculi, Lust, Havoc is shocked that his new girlfriend was really her.



Lust shows them her philosophers stone and how she can regenerate, she sprays water throughout the room wetting Mustang’s gloves. They retreat, Mustang converts the water to Hydrogen and Oxygen, and Havoc throws his lighter into the enclosed room.



They then check the room, Lust attacks Havoc by surprise and takes him out. Mustang shoots her and rips her philosophers stone out to heal him. But she comes back around the stone, cuts his side and destroys his gloves. Bradley arrives at the hospital.



Barry, Hawkeye and Al arrive in front of a gate where Barry’s body lays dead. Lust arrives and cuts Barry up when he tries to attack her. Hawkeye thinks that Lust has killed Mustang and empties her magazine and falls to her knees.



Al stands in front of her to protect her and gets cut up.


When Mustang arrives Al transmutes a wall. Mustang using Havoc’s lighter, a transmutation circle drawn in his own blood and having sealed his wounds with flames then repetitively kills Lust until she dies for good.




Bradley is shown waiting outside, where he puts his sword away and walks off.


Winry is shown waiting for Al, he arrives back but parts of him fall off.


Barry’s bloodseal is still intact but his original body scrapes it off.


Ed arrives back in Risembool and sees Hohenheim.


Next Episode:
Ed talks with Hohenheim and digs up the failed homunculus that he and Al made.


They cut out Ling and Ranfan’s involvement which was fighting Gluttony and Envy and realising that they were ‘immortal’ since they didn’t die when they killed them and the fight being stopped by Pride.
The Mustang vs Lust fight was something I’d been looking forward to, and you can kind of see a resemblance to it and Mustang’s fight with Pride(Wrath in this series) that was near the end of the previous series.


3 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 19

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i’m trying so hard not to read your summary and spoil everything XD gah! *rips hair out* me wants subs naoz!!

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    wow barry dies in such a stupid way XP i liked him too XD i’m not sure if i should be laughing or crying about it…
    then again, if the soul dieing caused the body to die, would the body dying cause the soul to die? but then Al is alive with no body XD does that mean his body is alive in the gate where the truth is??? so confused…but plz don’t tell me if the answer is an importat plot point XD

    i actually like how the killed a humonculus more in the last series, they had to have a peice of the origanl person to disable the regeneration. it was a smarter idea than just simply killing them dead like in this one. i guess the story is going to be so different that the fundamental elements are going to be completely different. kinda like pokemon compared to gundam XD feels good to not have to force myself go through stuff i’ve already seen =)

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    I won’t go into any details, but it’ll come up later on.

    I think killing them until they died would have worked in the previous series as well. I recall Lust saying something to Wrath about it in the previous series before she died. But the difference is that the homunculi aren’t attempts to resurrect someone in this series/the manga, so the method in the previous series wouldn’t work.

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