Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 20

Missed the first few minutes, I’m not really sure how it started…


Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots, I’m considering using the thumbnail method from now on.

Hohenhiem talks to Ed about confronting the truth, after that they go to Pinako’s house Ed accuses him of following him.



Al, Winry and Ling talk about Al’s body, Winry walks out. She remembers seeing Al alone after he and Ed had arrived on her doorstep when he checks on her.


Ed has a nightmare where he sees the figure that was at the gate, Tucker, Nina, and the failed homunculus. Hohenhiem leaves, Pinako bidding him farewell.


Ed and Pinako return to the sight of Ed’s old home to dig up the failed homuculus that Pinako buried after Ed and Al had arrived at her doorstep. It starts to rain and Ed vomits a lot, but they continue to dig.


When the rain recedes Ed finds some hair, he washes it and finds that the hair colour is black, Pinako measures the bones and confirms that Ed and Al didn’t transmute their mother. Ed collapses and laughs.
Ed talks to Izumi over the phone about the homunculus that she had made and whether it was really her child, Ed and Pinako visit Ed’s mother’s grave.

When Ed arrives back in central, he sees the damage to Al’s armour and repairs it, Ed tells him that he can get his body back. Al tells him about what happened to him at the gate, Ed recieves a phone call from Izumi, she thanks him.




Al talks about getting his body back and protecting those arounds him.


Next Episode:
Mustang and Havoc are in hospital, and I’m guessing we’ll get the Ed vs Scar, and the Ling and Ranfan vs Wrath and Gluttony fights soon.





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