Gintama 172

The suspect is transported with multiple guards to be questioned by the Shinsengumi.

Forgot to post this, updated screenshots/revised summary when there’s a raw/subs out. For the time being screenshots from 2chan.

Yamazaki is thrown in alone. Despite Yamazaki yelling at him the suspect doesn’t budge. Yamazaki breaks down and talks about how pathetic he is. He then leaves after the suspect gives him some advice.



Next up is Kondo, who at first attempts to bribe him with food and explains his circumstances and how one of his relatives ended up got into some trouble, to convince him to talk to lighten his sentence. He leaves after the suspect vomits over him since the food was bad and offers to support him.





Sougo and Hijikata’s turn now they use the good cop bad cop method. Sougo attacks him, and Hijikata saves him. They then get blown back and then they all decide to attack him at once. The suspect wasn’t the murderer and was arrested for something else.




Next Episode:
Looks like another two part episode with one half with Katsura and the other with Sadaharu.


2 Responses to Gintama 172

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i watched phantom ep 19, it was a boring recap ep XD there were bits of new scenes here and there, but nothing exciting XP
    next ep is some uber flashback of zwei’s life before shits happend i think…still no time skip i guess T_T

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    The next ep is the timeskip, since Reiji/Zwei returns to Japan with Elen/Ein.
    Almost caught up, at ep 18.

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