Gintama 173

Gintoki has to take Sadaharu for a walk, Katsura shows up and Elizabeth looks different.


Thanks 2chan for the screenshots, I still need to get around to updating the previous post as well.


They go to a diner where Katsura lectures Gintoki, the fake Elizabeth uses a Bintendo TS to communicate and bribes the waitress.


Katsura and the fake Elizabeth go to lots of places and Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi spy on them.


They appear in front of them of them in costumes. They ask them to fill out a survey which the fake Elizabeth fills out in Russian. Due to the fake Elizabeth having a lot of hostess cards they intend to lure them into a hostess club.



Katsura at first dismisses it but the fake Elizabeth goes in. Katsura realises that there’s something wrong with Elizabeth and attempts to wake himself up. The fake Elizabeth bribes them and they spend the money in the hostess club.




The real Elizabeth shows up and shoots the fake Elizabeth with a rocket launcher, Katsura comes back and Elizabeth shoots him with the rocket launcher after he appears oblivious to what has happened.


Gintoki wakes up and walks around the Yorozuya office (first person perspective). Gintoki then realises that he’s in Sadaharu’s body and that Sadaharu is in his body.



Kagura wakes up sees what Sadaharu(in Gintoki’s body) has done, steps away, and knocks him away when he jumps towards her. Shinpachi shows up and walks away after seeing what Sadaharu has done.


They manage to get outside, where they bump into various characters. First Katsura.


Then Sacchan.


Gintoki wakes up the next day and things seem to be back to normal until he realises he’s Shinpachi’s glasses.  Shinpachi then opens Gintoki’s bedroom door to find Gintoki’s supposed empty body. Which is now being controlled by Shinpachi’s glasses.


Next episode:

The Yorozuya are stuck in an elevator.


3 Responses to Gintama 173

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    due to funky stuffs i can’t watch anything T_T

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    like really funky stuff…life sux T_T

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