Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 22

Ran Fan goes down, but Wrath breaks his sword in the process.


Thanks 2chan for the screenshots.

Gluttony heads in to eat her but Ling kills him, he and Wrath then fight with Ling carrying Ran Fan at the same time. Gluttony knocks them across the rooftop and through a nearby building.





Ran Fan uses a flashbang in order for them to escape but Wrath’s ultimate eye is able to neutralise it’s effect on him and he blocks their escape.


Winry, Gracia and Elicia lay flowers on Hughes’ grave. As Winry is heading back she hears people talking about what Ed and Al are doing and starts running towards them. Remembering her parents’ backs as they left.



Meanwhile Ed and Al fight against Scar for their lives. Scar tells them why he killed Nina.


Winry arrives at the scene and overhears Ed saying that Scar had killed Winry’s parents. Winry collapses to her knees and picks up a nearby pistol and points it at Scar.



Scar remembers his brother studying a combination of alchemy and Rentanjutsu(?). He then has flashbacks of the military’s attacks on Ishval. He manages to catch up with the other Ishvalans, his brother gives him his research, they then spot Kimblee on a rooftop who claps his hands and blows them up.



Scar kicking ass without his current arm between the 5th and 6th screenshots.

In the rubble only Scar and his brother remain and seeing that Scar has lost his arm, he uses alchemy.


Scar is recovering in an Amestrian clinic, he then sees his brother’s arm in place of his own and snaps attacking the Rockbells.


Giving all the Amestrians blue eyes was a nice effect.

Despite being told to shoot him Winry is unable to pull the trigger. Scar attacks, Ed fights him back and shields Winry, this reminds Scar of his brother and he backs down. Al forces Scar back and Ed stays with Winry.



Next Episode:

Ling carrying Ran Fan runs from Wrath and Gluttony, and Ed and Al continue the fight with Scar.



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