Gintama 174

Another 2 part episode, the first half has the Yorozuya and Hasegawa fishing after getting into some debt, and the second half has them stuck in an elevator.


Thanks go to 2chan for the screenshots, revised summary etc later…

Both Hasegawa and Gintoki are being questioned by debt collectors who decide they should go tuna fishing to pay it off.

After the episode title the Yorozuya and Hasegawa are fishing. Kagura pulls up a big fish, Shinpachi pulls up a small fish, Kagura laughs at him, Hasegawa pulls up a blowup doll and is punched by the captain(?) who is wearing a turtle shell after he becomes depressed. They continue fishing in order to become men of the sea.




After the ad break the Yorozuya have just been paid and are planning to have Korean BBQ. They enter an elevator and a man manages to get in before they press the button. The elevator stops at the thirteenth/fourteenth floor. They try pressing a button but it doesn’t work. When Kagura is hitting the buttons, Gintoki points out the emergency button and Kagura breaks it. The man in the elevator points out that they’re the only people in the building since everyone has gone home and that he’s the security guard. They wait, Shinpachi is able to remain positive, he finds out the the man’s house has burnt down when he tried to cook Korean BBQ at home. He still tries to remain positive and starts dancing, clapping, and singing. He collapses after he starts kicking the man who had admitted his wife was a blowup doll. Gintoki and Kagura take up their bokuto and umbrella and smash a hole in the floor and start climbing down carrying Shinpachi. They leave the man behind, and the elevator door has been fixed.






Next episode:

Gintoki and Hijikata are in a dentist waiting room.

As usual the pv for the Gintama OVA that will be released on the 30th of September was shown again. It’s going to be awesome even though it’s only around 10 minutes.


2 Responses to Gintama 174

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    isn’t the turtle guy from the first ep of the undersea turtleman city arc? i forgot what the place was called…but he was bringing hasegawa to the place like everybody else, then katsura shows up with momotaro(heading for tian zhu?) and then they have a war…
    anyways, hopefully i can haz some time to watch some anime soon or i will shrivel up and die…and then explode XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Not sure since I haven’t been keeping up with Rumbel’s releases(an excuse to marathon Gintama later), I’ll pick them back up when they get to the awesomeness of the Yoshiwara arc though.

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