Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 23

Ling escapes out the window carrying Lan Fan, Wrath and Gluttony pursue them.
Went overboard with the screenshots, I’ll need to reduce the amount in this post eventually, and I Just realised that it was “Lan Fan” instead of “Ran Fan” orz


Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots as usual.

Ed goes onwards leaving Winry with his coat. Hawkeye takes a disguise and a note and heads off. Gluttony and Wrath are tracking them down. Lan Fan asks Ling to leave her behind(?) and raises her kunai.




Al fights with Scar using alchemy and when Scar charges towards him through the steam Ed kicks him away. Gluttony appears and attacks Scar. Wrath finds a severed arm. Ling bursts out of the sewers and takes down Gluttony, Ed transmutes some chains to bind him. Lan Fan had severed her arm in order to escape. A disguised Hawkeye appears shoots, and Ling loads the bound Gluttony on to the car.




Ed and Al continue the fight with Scar. But Mei arrives and when the military have shown up creates a smokescreen in order for them to escape. Wrath spots Hawkeye and Ling as they drive away.




Mei heals Scar, Yorki tells them that the military is in the area. Mei has lost Shao Mei , which Al has picked up. Ed and Al returm to the military headquarters where Winry is having tea with Bradley. They return to the hotel, where Winry has received a phone call from Garfield with all of the Customers waiting for her. Winry returns by train.






Mustang picks up Ed, Al, and Dr Knox. Who works on Lan Fan’s severed arm, she plans to get automail.



Mustang introduces himself to Ling. Ling tells him that Bradley is a homunculus. Hawkeye stands on watch. Gluttony hears that it was Mustang who killed Lust, he breaks out of his chains and his chest opens up to reveal an eye that blasts a hole in the wall.




Next Episode:

Gluttony blasts stuff, Ed, Al, Ling and Mustang run away.


Good episode with lots of action and Ling being awesome.


2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 23

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i might have a chance to watch some anime soon =) hopefully i can catch up with pantom and fma cuz this episode looks pretty badass

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Good luck then, both series have been pretty good. Phantom in particular.

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