Gintama 175

Gintoki sits in the dentist waiting room hoping for it to go faster.


Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots, revised summary etc later…

After some inner dialogue he heads over to the magazine rack looking for JUMP and sees a magazine, Hijikata grabs the same one. They argue and end up with a magazine each.



They talk about the drill(?) and it’s enough for a mother to cover her child’s eyes, Hasegawa shows up. When he goes in they can hear his screams. He leaves with a toothbrush for an arm.

Kondo shows up with an arm holding a toothbrush stuck to his head talks to the nurse and he and Hasegawa leave. The mother with her child screams and runs out after they leave.

Both Gintoki and Hijikata enter the dentist’s room, there’s blood and tools everywhere. They take a seat and are fastened in. The dentist has really bad teeth. There are two nurses, one normal one and one that looks like a Guntank with a drill and a squirt gun. The one that looks like a Guntank goes over to Gintoki and another Guntank one goes to Hijikata.



They are offered one of two options Gintoki picks the first one and finds what appears to be a middle aged woman ‘sitting’ on him but it’s actually a robot, Hijikata picks the second option and finds an elderly woman sitting on him eating vegetables finds one as well but it’s eating vegetables. They get the drill and it causes the robots to convulse and stuff.





It was around this point that the stream died.



Next episode:

A countdown episode?


4 Responses to Gintama 175

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    lol thats ep sounds hilarious
    anyway i’ve caught up with fma and phantom. fma keeps getting better =) and phantom is still good but i miss little cal T_T big cal just annoys me for some reason. btw, how did her height double in 2 years??? i thought she was like 12 years old at most. how does a 14 year old errr…grow big enough to ride a full sized bike????? she’s practically taller than a senior highschooler…XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Apparently she was around 14 pre time skip, so she’s 16 now. So you could take it as a teenage growth spurt, or Scythe could have given her growth hormones.
    Also for some reason Miyuki Sawashiro makes post time skip Cal sound awesome.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    what??? i think little cal and big cal both sound same, with the latter just a bit deeper… but still awsome. i just don’t like how she acts like an ass and is a cute loli anymore T_T
    anyway, i will never get over that creepy growth spurt… the more i think of it, the more i think it might be even more than double her height…it’s so scary i’m not even going to check XP

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Same VA but she just sounds smoother, and she kind of has a reason to act like an ass/hate Reiji. I think she grew just over or about half her height since she’s taller than Reiji now.

    It’s a shame Phantom Integration hasn’t been translated. Guess it’s time to set up AGTH and Atlas and hope it works…

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