Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 24

Envy brings the imprisoned Marcoh dinner even though he hasn’t touched the previous meal he brought him. He threatens to destroy the town he used to live in if he doesn’t obey their instructions(?).

Thanks again to 2chan for the screenshots.


Pride talks with Wrath, Pride remains in the shadows keeping his identity hidden.


Hawkeye runs and notices that the barrel of her gun his gone. Gluttony has gone berserk and is after Mustang, Mustang blasts him but Gluttony consumes the flames so he and Ed and Al make a run for it. Hawkeye defends him since his wound is acting up. Ling entrusts Dr Knox with Lan Fan and heads back.




Gluttony finds Mustang and blasts him, but it was really a wooden doll. They all make it to the car where Dr Knox is waiting, Mustang and Hawkeye retreat while Ed, Al, and Ling remain. Hawkeye gives Ed a pistol in case he needs it.



Gluttony continues to rage while Ed, Al and Ling hide, they hear something and turnaround to see a dog that turns out to be Envy.


Ed confronts Envy who evades his attacks having no intention of fighting of him. Ling appears and Gluttony chases him away. Ed transmutes a wall between them.



Bradley and his family are having dinner, Selim reads a story. Meanwhile Ling is fighting Envy and Ed and Al are fighting Gluttony. Ling cuts down Envy, Al binds Gluttony but he throws him and Ed through the wall, Envy transforms into Lan Fan giving Gluttony the opportunity to ‘consume’ him. Ed attempts to pull him away but they are both ‘consumed’ along with Envy. Gluttony calms down.



Lan Fan will stay at Dr Knox’s house to recover. Mustang and Hawkeye talk as they head back in the car,


Mustang meets with General Raven, he remembers the chess game with the general in East city. They talk, he brings up the idea of Bradley being a Homunculus which they then laugh off. He is brought before those high up in the military.


Ed finds himself in a dark world with blood up to his ankles, Gluttony’s stomach.


Next Episode:


Ed and Ling continue through Gluttony’s stomach where they meet Envy.


5 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 24

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    cant wait to see this =)
    next ep must be the part i read in the manga at a bookstore X)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Must’ve been volume 13, since that’s where it’s currently at…
    The manga is still pretty good for a shounen series as well.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    watched this ep. it wasn’t the part i read in the mange, it must be the next ep then XD
    or maybe i am totally wrong it won’t be the part i read for another bunch of eps XP
    basically i saw the part where Ed and Ling get out of gluttony

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    I’m certain that, that will be the next episode or the episode after that.

  5. WrathsMother says:

    Envy:What are you afraid of?
    Wrath:*scared to death*
    Envy:*eyebrow twitch*…*puts hand on hip*Okay,what’s going on?
    Envy:*annoyed*What are you brats scared of?
    Lust:There afraid of you.
    Wrath:Shut up Lust!
    Yeah,shut up Lust!
    Envy:*smirk*Heh,they told you.
    Gluttony:I’m hungry…*sees dead person on the floor* Can I keep him?
    Gluttony:*devours dead person*
    Me&Wrath:*disgusted*…*pass out*

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