Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 01

Decided to translate “ryuusei no gemini” as “gemini of the meteor”, like I did with the posts that I did with the trailers.


Over 60 screenshots are acceptable considering it was the first episode.

Two years ago in Siberia. Suou, Shion, and their father watch falling stars.

Both Suou and Shion wish upon the falling stars. More stars begin falling and they stand up amazed, a meteor then crashes into them. In the crater their father finds Shion injured and missing an eye. A blood covered meteor fragment is shown. Following this he became a contractor.



In the present in Vladivostok, April talks with a bartender reciting November 11’s speech on the dangers of secondhand smoke, and leaves shortly after August 7, another contractor walks in. April sees and winks at July’s observer spirit in a nearby window. While a man with a tattered coat watches as she walks down the street.


Suou is taking pictures of a bird, and hears a new character Nika confessing to another new character Tanya, when she returns his feelings he runs around doing flips and stuff. Just after he leaves the branch Suou was on breaks and Tanya panics over if she saw them, Suou shows her the pictures she took. After this two of the other students call out to them and they return and clean the classroom.



Tanya and Nika go together and there’s a montage where Suou recaps some stuff. Suou and two of her friends, Sasha and Irena, run through the streets, buy icecream, visit a bookstore where Suou buys a book, and then they ride the bus home.


Suou arrives at her house and chases a black cat away, and meets with one of the doctors, Bella who she tells about what happened with Nika and Tanya, the doctor teases her about liking Nika. She brings Shion who is now confined to a wheelchair as well as having lost an eye, dinner and shows him some of the photos.


Mao’s still alive?


After she leaves Shion’s room her father pulls her aside for being in there and she runs off. She then takes a bath.



The next day at school, Tanya arrives late  and is acting a lot more colder than she usually is. Nika chases after her after class ends and Suou and her friends follow. He questions Tanya and after telling him to let her go, she controls the nearby bugs to attack him. Revealing that she has become a contractor whose remuneration is to rip out her hair. Suou’s friends run away but she chases after Tania leaving Nika a whimpering mess.


She sees Tanya being taken in by the FSB’s (I’m guessing it’s them since Goran is working with them) forces.

Shion reveals that he can walk as his remuneration is complete. And as Suou returns home she sees the syndicate’s forces outside her house so she takes an underground passage, Shion’s voice guides her telling her to go to his room change into his clothes and take an amulet. The syndicate’s forces raid her home and her father’s laboratory, Bella walks out  throwing some explosives just as Goran and the troops arrive.



Suou changes her clothes and returns to the passage. Bella was April in disguise, through her radio she is informed that there is an adult asian man wearing a mask with the doctor. Genma Shizume and Mina Hazuki listen in on her conversation with August and July.


Suou hears her father being questioned, she then sees a flash of light, goes to see what happened and only finds her father’s dead body. April arrives introduces herself thinking that Suou was Shion, she then realises that it was actually Suou and they escape.


As they run April shoots a black cat, and they are confronted by Goran a contractor who can move at high speeds but has to eat hamburgers as a remuneration, he dodges all of April’s shots. He grabs Suou and April creates a storm cloud. Goran knowing she’s a contractor fights her dodging all of her shots again. April makes it rain and Goran runs through the rain with each raindrop stabbing him.




Goran was pretty disappointing, he seemed pretty awesome in the trailer dodging bullets, but he runs into a tree and is dead before the second episode. His death was well thought up though.

With Goran dead, April drinks a bottle of whiskey as her remuneration. She’s interrupted when a wire is flung around her throat by a man with a mask covered in cuts and a tattered coat. She attempts to fight back by firing some shots but the man’s coat protects him from the bullets. She then tries to drown him by creating an orb of water around his head. July watches as her star falls.


Mao’s probably still alive… Goran on the other hand probably not.


Hei’s back.

Ending Theme:

“From Dusk till Dawn” by Abingdon Boys School.

As an ending theme this works pretty well as a slow song after an episode of fast paced action.

Back to the episode…

As April dies the man’s mask falls off and with her last breath she refers to him as BK-201.


Next Episode:


5 Responses to Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 01

  1. Perez Christina says:


  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    can’t decide to wait for menclave of go with bss
    and ABS ed isn’t an epic song with flashy animation, it’s not a bad song, just wasn’t what i was expecting =(
    i hope stereopony doesn’t let my down…after all it is the op…

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i almost forgot, rumbel is back =)
    and i saw ep120, the sushi thing was so hilarious, i actually saw the scene change coming when hasegawa started making the sushi, but i still laughed so hard that i had to pause the video. at the end of the ep i was lauging so hard that i had tears…and i’m still laughing after half a day XD

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    BSS did some of the previous series and did a good job, but Menclave tends to do an excellent job despite how long it takes them, so it’s a tough choice.
    Also Darker than Black already has HOWLING (linking for the sake of linking) for an epic ABS song with (sort of) flashy animation.

    Sounds pretty good, I’ll look forward to it when they’ve reached the Yoshiwara arc in around 16 more episodes.

  5. Great, I did not know about that up to the present. Thanks.

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