Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 27

Hohenhiem drinks with a younger Pinako Rockbell.


Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots, this is practically a recap episode but there’s the usual amount. The embedded youtube videos for the new Opening and Ending themes are also up now.


Opening Theme:



Olivier Armstrong is awesome.

“Golden Time Lover” by Sukima Switch.

After listening to this before I was convinced it could work and with the animation it really did so. Some parts of the upcoming Ishval war flashback arc and the Briggs arc were also shown.

After the opening their discussion continues, a young girl approaches them. and various scenes that were shown previously were shown. Such as the parts of the Ishbal war, and Ed and Al at their mother’s grave, and attempting the transmutation, Ed and Al after the transmutation, and Ed and Armstrong meeting Marcoh.



The villagers dance around the fire, and Pinako teaches some of the children how to dance briefly. A man matching Hohenhiem appears next to him, this is obviously father and they exchange some words.


More scenes are reshownm, such as the Ed vs Slicer fight and the Slicer brothers’ deaths. Pinako and Hohenhiem talk again, and then it goes back to reshowing scenes this time they focused around the homunculi.





Hohenhiem and Pinako talk once more, and then the scenes where the homunculi are ‘defeated’ are reshown, along with Scar’s flashback of Kimbley/his brother saving him from the Ishval war, Ran Fan losing her arm.




Pinako and Hohenhiem continue to talk and the fire has been extinguished, standing in it’s place is father. Hohenhiem freaks out, the scene then changes to a scene with him and Trisha.


More scenes are reshown, Mustang intent on becoming the Fuhrer, Al protecting Hawkeye, and Ed breaking out of the gate to tell Al he’ll comeback for him.



It goes back to the scene with Hohenhiem and Trisha, and it flashes forward to an older version of Trisha with the night becoming day, and a younger Ed and Al with Pinako and all of the other villagers. Hohenhiem wakes up and Pinako’s bottle is shown in the foreground.



Ending theme:



“Tsunaide Te” by Lil’b

Somewhat Winry centric with a dash of May Chang and Ran Fan.

Next Episode:

Ed, Ling, and Envy escape from Gluttony into father’s lair with Al, Scar and May Chang also there.



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