Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 02

I should note I have no plans to have these up within a few hours after airing, this is because it airs at around 5am where I am so yeah. Anyway onto the episode.


You can never expect characters who wear top hats in anime to be exactly sane.

The episode opens with Suou and her father hunting deer, the deer manages to get away since she didn’t take the shot when she should have. Shion swears to protect her, but after he was bound to a wheelchair Suou swore to protect him.


Opening theme:



“Tsukiakari no Michishirube” by Stereophony.

The song itself is pretty catchy however the animation doesn’t seem to suit the current mood of the show. Adding Hei with his current appearance walking back as opposed to walking forwards in the first opening theme of the previous series was a nice touch though. It also seems to show some new characters and suggests that Misaki may return though.

After quickly recapping what had happened previously, it returns to Hei who picks up his mask and approaches Suou while repeating the question he said to Suou’s father about the meteor core, she blinds him with her camera and jumps back. He tries to follow her but he is attacked by another contractor, Hazuki Mina who can use just about anything as a bladed weapon. She attacks him a combination of a sword and throwing blades whilst swinging around. Suou hears a voice (Mao’s?) telling her to run so she does so. Leaving the fight between Hei and Mina which ends in a draw after a few more attacks.



This fight was pretty fun to watch.

As Suou is running away she is approached by Shizame Genma who asks her to come with him quietly, Suou’s pet flying squirrel, Pecha covers his face and Suou slams a bin over his head while he can’t see. They both then run away. As dawn approaches both Hei and Mina retreat.


Don’t talk to strangers…


Suou sees Shion who is disguised as her in the distance, she manages to take some photos of him before he runs away.


Genma and Mina meet up with Safusaki Youko, Mina’s remuneration is to kiss people so she kisses Genma. She then kisses Youko to get rid of the aftertaste.


Kind of like Brita, the naked teleporter’s remuneration.

The FSB clean up the scene at Suou’s home, and zip up April and Goran’s bodybags. ME will be used on anyone involved. The FSB commanders talk about how this mission failed, one shows a particular dislike towards contractors.


Suou sees that the roads are being patrolled by police. She manages to get to Sacha’s house but she doesn’t recognise her as her memories have been rewritten by the ME. Nika wakes up in a locked room still remembering what happened with Tanya. Before the FSB arrives he manages to escape. Both Suou and Nika meet each other, Suou is relieved that he still recognises her.


In Egypt two contractors(?) from the CIA meet in a restaurant.


Is that some Nakata Motherf*cking Jouji I hear?

Suou and Nika go to Nika’s secret base which is decorated with guns and pictures, he gives her some candy to eat. Suou yells clears his desk, and then prints the pictures on her camera.


Hei consults a CIA agent who refers to him as the black reaper, Hei now works for the CIA.


Hei becoming a hobo is expected considering he’s been chased by an evil worldwide organisation for two years…

Hei walks down the street completely ignoring the telescope in a store window, he walks down an Alleyway and while drinking from his flask he sees posters that Suou made with the pictures from her camera that she took to blind him. Meanwhile Suou and Nika put up posters. Suou tells Nika a proverb about doing stuff instead of thinking about it.



One of the FSB commanders receives a report that Suou is on the run. Meanwhile July locates something for August 7.


As Suou is putting up a poster Hei restrains her from behind. She says that she can spread the information of what happened even if he did killed her. He repeats his question and rips open her coat and searches for it accidently grasping  he chest. He jumps back when she screams, she then asks him how and why he killed her father and Bella. Hei’s response is because he’s a contractor. Suou continues to question him and he briefly remembers Yin.


Loli raep.

The FSB shows up and corners them, August 7 shows up and the FSB shoots at him. He then reflects the shots. Suou tries to run and they shoot at her but Hei shields her. He then picks her up and runs, August chases after them. The FSB tries to but are attacked by Genma, a contractor who uses the rubble to cover his body in armour. He crushes the FSB commander and his troops.



Mina and Youko set up mines. Suou and Hei continue to run and are confronted by August who says that his remuneration is to reveal the tricks behind magic but in return he is capable of using true magic hen then draws two blades from his coat and attacks them. Hei parry’s his attacks snapping on of the blades and runs, August draws a shotgun and shoots.


I think August’s abilities are cool and all but a tad overpowered…


…how do you limit true magic though? This scene also had some pretty good background music.

Hei and Suou run into an open area, he puts her down and fights August soon after he arrives. Dodging his shots he gets in close and stabs but the blade goes right through him. He jumps back and throws his coat over him, knocks him to the ground and fries him. Before he can strike the finishing blow Suou stops him. Mina and Youko set off the mines which create a field that disables him. He remembers more about what happened to Yin. The field then reacts with Suou’s pendant, the meteor core.




Ending theme:




“From Dusk till Dawn” by Abingdon Boys School.

Misaki Kirihara is looking through a telescope and sees Hei’s star, BK-201 begin to fade.


Next Episode:



5 Responses to Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 02

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i liked the op, it was pretty catchy(i swear i’ve heard of another song that has the exact same melody from the intro/chorus…probably an old canto song…), the only thing that bugged me was the gun…
    the ed was ok with the animation i guess

    can’t post my comment, i’m trying to listent to the op lol
    since menclave is pretty dead these days, i guess bss will do

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    The gun’s barrel really is too long and could have been shortened since it looks like it’s around 3 metres long at the moment.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i think i know why it sounds so familiar now
    the part at 0:50 suddenly popped in my head while i was brushing my teeth =)

    not so canto…but yeah =)

    not only is the 3m barrel bugging me but it looks like she got a plumber to build the whole thing XD
    while it looks fragie, it seems like it’s at least a .50 cal… something’s gotta give XD

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    She’s going to be using it to snipe contractors as well, against someone like Genma it might be appropriate though.

    There probably needs to be some laws of pew for it.
    Something like, the longer the barrel the more accurate the rifle.
    Despite how improvised and fragile the rifle may appear it will still function.
    However these may already be there (too lazy to read through at the moment).

  5. Point Blank Sniper says:

    once we see it in action, we can add some laws =)

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