Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 03

The meteor core in Suou’s pendant continues to react with Hei and the field. The machines sustaining the field overload and fall. Suou’s eyes have changed, hearing Mao’s voice telling her to escape so she tackles Hei into the sea to escape.


If you thought that there wasn’t enough character deaths in the last episode this one makes up for it.

On a completely unrelated note by the time the series finishes there will probably be over 100 screenshots per post at the rate it’s increasing.

Genma and Mina arrive, he kills the still unconscious August with a single blow.



More wasted potential, my opinion of Genma also automatically dropped following this.

Hei has a nightmare about what happened to Yin. He wakes up in the secret base, and restrains Suou.


More loli raep.

Genma is getting Moxibustion done by Youko as his remuneration, Mina burns him on purpose. After he makes a comment about Suou both Mina and Youko are disgusted by it.


Back at the secret base Suou is tied up asking Hei how he could kill people so easily. He slaps her when she goes too far.


The FSB commander receives a report, and Nika is shown sitting in an alley across the road from the building, they decide to use him.


Hei and Mao talk about Suou while she sleeps. Mao has come to give Hei his new orders from “that woman”.


Nika sees Tanya leaving the FSB building and follows her, he confronts her and she apologises.


Suou awakes to her cellphone ringing, Hei snaps it as it could be used to track them. Suou finds a message from Shion in one of her photography books, Hei tells her that the photographs are from Ikebukuro, near where Hell’s gate is located. He then takes out a knife and cuts the ropes around her hands telling her he’ll take her to Japan.

Nika is with Tanya, and is trying to contact Suou but isn’t getting a response. The FSB listen to their conversation, Nika and Tanya stand up to leave, and Tanya rips a lock of hair out.



The FSB raid the secret base, but Hei and Suou have already left. They see a surveillance spectre on as they run. They arrive at the train station to leave by train. Hei takes out some of the guards, and when he tries to use his powers they don’t work. Suou encounters Tanya who questions her about Shion, the bug swarm arrives and Hei leaps down and tries to use his powers again. Since it doesn’t work again they run away.



Chinese Electric Batman is no longer electric.

Hei reloads his gun and calls Mao before running off. Mao arrives as Suou’s pet squirrel and leads her away where the guards can’t see her. Hei is having a shootout with some of the guards, once the swarm of bugs arrive he runs again.



Genma has hijacked a train and intends to slam it into Hei while he’s distracted, the FSB sees him and opens fire, Mina takes them out. Hei manages to jump out of the way before the train slams into the train behind him, the carriages pile up, and Genma blows it up by lighting the fuel that leaked out.


My opinion of him has went back to what it was before.

Tanya has caught up with Hei who continues to evade the swarm however his gun has ran out of ammo. Suou manages to stop her from killing him, Nika arrives with wounds from his previous encounter with Tanya. He wants for him and Tanya to go home together, yet she attacks him with the bugs again, this time killing him.



This is too much for Suou, she screams, the pendant shines, and she begins to glow. The twins from the opening are shown with the woman who was speaking with the FBI agent saying the beginning of the end has begun. The rifle from that Suou uses in the opening appears from the pendant, Suou having become a moratorium starts shooting, destroying a tanker and almost hitting Tanya, Mina, and Genma as July tells her their positions.



Cue magical girl transformation Sequence.


Hei manages to calm her down and leaves with her and Mao. He meets July as he leaves, and after asking him for his name, July agrees to go with them.


The FBI agent, Mr Smith (voiced by Nakata Jouji) and the woman, Madame Orielle meet again this time in Paris, France. He asks her if she can locate the Black Reaper for him.


Misaki changes her clothes, and when she arrives back in her office she talks on the phone with Saitou from her old team. She then receives a visit from a man that looks like Golgo 13 who works for Section 3 the same group that Genma, Mina, and Youko work for. This group is dedicated to wiping out the syndicate. He makes a proposition knowing that BK-201 is still alive.


In the epilogue Hei, Suou, Mao, and July are travelling on a freighter. Mao asks Hei about what happened to Yin, and Suou makes a paper crane as her remuneration. Hei says he will “kill that woman”.


Next Episode:


Is that who I think it is on the right?


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