Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 29

Envy leads them to an elevator that leads to the central headquarters. Ed takes a shower and finds out that Al brought May along, luckily she was sleeping. Envy comes back and leads them to Wrath/Bradley, Mustang is already there.


Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots again.



He threatens them about delving to deep into whats happening, and if they leave the military it would only put Winry and the residents of Risenbool in danger so they have to sit back and do what they’re told(?). Mustang asks him if it was him who killed Hughes. Before they leave he stabs Al’s armour. It just managed to miss May.

Mustang meets Armstrong and Hawkeye.



Ed and Al telephone Winry to check on her.  They bump into GreedLing who gives them a cloth to give to Lan Fan before leaving.


While moving through the sewers that lead to Father’s lair, Scar meets Marcoh.

Al drops May at Dr Knox’s house where Lan Fan is recovering. The cloth was message to her saying he’s found the secret to immortality(?), she questions Al as to where Ling is.



GreedLing and Wrath talk on the rooftop, Ling temporarily takes over after he calls humans weak.


Mustang and Armstrong talk in a car, Armstrong struggled in the Ishval war since he couldn’t bring himself to kill civilians.


Lan Fan and Al talk about her getting an automail arm. May tries to kill Lan Fan, they then take out their knives to fight each other and turn on Al when he tries to stop them, they then get back to facing each other and it’s Dr Knox that stops them.



They end up having to clean his house which is filthy, while cleaning Al finds a picture of his ex-wife and son who left him shortly after the Ishval war.

Ed fixes the area that was messed up in the fight with Scar, he finds out that another alchemist came to fix it but their alchemy didn’t work around the same time that Father did the thing that stopped their alchemy. Ed finds the pistol that Hawkeye gave him in his pocket, and decides to return it.



Marcoh demands that Scar kill him for his sins during the Ishval war, Scar grabs him by the face and slams him to the ground.


Next Episode:

An arc for the events of the Ishval war should be starting.


I suppose it’s back to playing Pokemon Heart Gold for nostalgia value now…


3 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 29

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    ling is going to take over for more than a second in the future right? i will die if he stays greed forever

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    If you don’t mind spoilers, then yeah Ling will take over for longer than he did. They’ve even teamed up recently in the manga.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    as long as it’s not much of a plot spoiler it’s welcomed =)
    it’s good to know he hasn’t become a good-as-dead character like the ones that only come back in flashbacks or imaginary apparitions that give encouraging speeches or the ones that break free of evil’s grip at the very end just to say “kill me so i can stop being evil” =)

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