Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 04

Travelling by freighter, Suou, Hei, Mao, and July arrive in a seaside town. Suou is starting to act rational like contractors usually do.


Don’t mess with Hei’s liquor.


Misaki has accepted the Golgo 13 lookalike’s offer to join section 3 she is given an alias, and is introduced to Genma, Mina, and Youko, they fill her in on the situation with BK-201 how he now works for the CIA, with Genma showing her one of the posters Suou had made. She is then told her objective, which is capture Suou who they believe is Shion. Mina licks her lips.


Misaki is talking with Saitou on her cellphone about her job change when he asks her for her answer as to why Mina plucks the phone out of her hand, talks briefly and hangs up. Misaki quickly snatches the phone back, when she goes to leave Mina grabs her from behind and draws close commenting that Misaki is saving herself for BK-201. Misaki breaks free and walks off.



Mina confirmed to be a lesbian.

Suou, Hei, Mao and July travel the rest of the way in the back of a truck which drops them off in a shopping district. There they meet a crossdresser and Hei is forced to act like he did when he was Li Shengshun, this time changing his name to Lee Hyeonsik and introduces Suou and July as his siblings despite how odd this looks. He excuses himself, Suou, and July. Hei says that he will train Suou when she asks him about it he quiets her.



Suou practices by shooting bottles over the harbour with July telling her the details by transmitting his surveillance spectre through the glass bottles in the water. Hei stomps on her for shooting when it was quiet, and then instructs her to aim to the right where there are two cranes. Suou is still unable to kill. When Hei comments on her excuse she points the rifle at him and says that she’s only with him to get to Tokyo. Hei quickly disarms her  and knocks her out of the shelter. Hei leaves throwing her some money as he does. Mao comments that she’s still a kid and then the change in Hei to drinking all the time.



In an abandoned mall some gang members are dancing to some music, their leader, Norio stops it. They spot Suou and July in the distance as they walk past, for Norio it’s seemingly love at first sight when he sees Suou.


Not who I thought he was…

Suou, Hei, Mao, and July will be staying at a love hotel called Hotel Eden, Suou asks Mao about the client and in return he asks her about what she will do, her answer is to save enough money to run away. She then gets the instant ramen from the mini bar.


An informant tells Misaki what happened in Vladivostok, who was involved, and if she wants more information she will need to meet Madame Orielle. While she’s stuck in traffic she thinks about why the star BK-201 disappeared.


Hei trains Suou in close quarters combat beating her every time and making her work out. He then gets her to train her stomach by moving her hips in front of a window. The instant ramen she ate before was bad.





The gang members from before show up, so Hei sends Suou over to fight them and escape. They don’t seem to have any intention of fighting her but she goes as far as dislocating one of their shoulders then they get serious punching and restraining her, Norio stops them then the police show up. So Hei grabs Mao and throws him at the cops to distract them so Suou can escape. Norio chases after her.




Suou runs through the streets and meets up with July who guides her away where the police can’t see her. Norio catches up with them to apologise and introduce himself. Suou then tells him to get out of the way and then pulls out her rifle and takes a shot narrowly missing him, and almost scaring him speechless.


Magical girl sequence between 1st and second screenshots.

They run off, but Suou’s stomach still hurts from the ramen. They meet the crossdresser from before who brings them to the bar that he owns. Suou had got her period so it was that which was causing her stomach pains. Norio arrives since the bar owner is his father, sees Suou and quickly closes the door. He reminds Suou of Nika, they then hear a scream.


July’s smile is creepy.


Mao is being chased by a cat as he is looking for Suou, and July. The cat pounces narrowly missing him and he flies out of the alley landing on Suou’s face.

As the sun sets they return to the hotel and Suou talks about what she felt when Nika confessed to Tanya and the difference to when Norio was around her. When they arrive back Hei slaps Suou for using her ability before drinking from his bottle.


Misaki arrives at an abandoned observatory where she meets Madame Orielle who knows both her alias and real name.


In the epilogue Suou wakes up and tells him that she hates him even though she’s lost her emotions before going back to sleep. She resolves to see Shion.


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3 Responses to Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 04

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i’m dying XD
    i’m trying so hard to not read the spoiler XD XD XD
    when is bss releasing????????
    i hope i’ve watched the episode by the time i come back and see the screenies lol

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    what happened to your comment about it being released after my last comment?
    anyways i watched it. trannies FTW

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    I didn’t see a point to it so I deleted it.
    Here it is again though…

    BSS released just after your post…

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