Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 30

Mustang meets with his teacher who is on his death bed about becoming a state alchemist. He entrusts his research with Mustang before passing away.


Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots.


While visiting his teacher’s grave Mustang meets his teacher’s daughter, Riza Hawkeye he gives her his contact details(?).


Hawkeye steps out of the shower.


She opens the door and Black Hayate jumps on Ed who came to return the pistol.

They talk while Hawkeye cleans the blood from the pistol. At the same time Marcoh tells Scar what happened. The situation in Ishval before the war is summed up along with the trigger to the conflict. State alchemists were mobilised by Fuhrer Bradley. Against them the Ishbalans were overwhelmed.




Mustang and Hughes meet in the camp, Hughes receives a letter from Gracia. Mustang meets Riza who is in the military as a sniper.


During the commercial for Shonen Gangan they showed Olivier Armstrong. Also more shots of Hawkeye’s back.


Kimbley talks to Hawkeye about the war which puts her in a state of shock, Mustang grabs him by the collar. The alarm goes off and Mustang asks himself why he’s fighting.



Marcoh tells Scar what happened in the research lab, Ishvalan prisoners were converted to philosopher stones. These were then given to the state alchemists.


The leader of the Ishvalans meets with Bradley to surrender, Bradley refuses to do so.

The military continues to fight, and Mustang realises his plan to become the Fuhrer.


After the war Hawkeye arrives in his office about working underneath him.


May thanks Al, he tells her about his real body and the idea she gets is like the one she initially had of Ed.



Envy brings Marcoh dinner, upon opening the door he finds a dead body with ‘vengeance’ written on the wall in blood.


Next Episode:

The 520 cenz promise.


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