Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 05

Misaki meets Madame Orielle at the abandoned observatory she asks her why BK-201 disappeared. A red and a blue star are in the sky. Before Madame Orielle leaves she says that the keyword is Izanami and that she should look into the Mitaka documents.


On an almost unrelated note this is pretty interesting/fun to listen to.


They never did confirm that Brita died, did they?

Suou continues her training, syncronising her shots to the the sounds from the construction site nearby. She cleans the gun and Hei drops some money for her before he leaves. Once she materialises the rifle she has six shots.


She returns to the bar that the crossdresser owns to buy lunch, and we learn that his wife, Michiru is a contractor. He cooks some food for her and July while she looks at one of their family photos when Norio was young.


Just as they leave they encounter Norio who calls out to them from a rooftop confessing his love to Suou, they ignore him, he gets down and follows them when he catches up he talks about his mother being a contractor and how he meeting Suou must be fate. Suou and July hurry off.


Hei speaks on a phone in a park with the client. He hears a shot from the hotel that blasts a hole in the wall. He arrives back to see Suou with her rifle trying to shoot a bug since she hates them. She expects Hei to slap her even preparing herself for it, but he doesn’t.


Even at point blank range…


Hei lies in the dark he talks about Suou’s behaviour as a contractor. Mao tells him what happened with Tanya and Nika. They go to check on Suou and July who are asleep in the bathtub, Mao stays with them.


Misaki researches the Mitaka documents and the keyword that Madame Orielle left behind, Izanami, she quickly turns off the monitor when Youko arrives. Her team and her then have a meeting about their new orders relating to Izanami. Hei, Suou, July, and Mao are in Sapporo.


July wakes Hei up about some armed people and a contractor outside which can be seen from the hole in the wall that Suou made. While Suou, July, and Mao escape, Hei will hold them off. The contractor places her hand on the pipe outside and the toilet in the hotel room bursts open and a trail of water attacks Hei, all of the water outlets then start flooding the room. Suou, July, and Mao find themselves in water up to their ankles.



Hei leaps out of the hole in the wall and is blasted off the wall when he lands on a pipe, he then lands and restrains the contractor and holds her hostage when her armed acquaintances arrive but makes the mistake of standing on a man hole and she quickly escapes flinging Hei over a car. Now that Suou, July, and Mao have escaped he has no reason to stay and disappears.



The next day Misaki and Mina investigate the hotel room meeting with the contractor who attacked it, they learn that BK-201 is being accompanied by a young girl instead of Shion. Mina teases her and Misaki finds one of the cranes that Suou made.


Norio walks down the street in a suit with some flowers to surprise Suou. He sees Misaki, Mina, the contractor who he recognises as his mother get into a car, he chases the car calling out to her.


At the telephone in the park Hei finds his payment taped under the phone. He arrives back at the hut where Suou, July, and Mao are waiting. He tells Suou to shoot the crane to reaffirm her behaviour as a contractor she does so but doesn’t know why she’s crying afterwards.


At the bar, Norio tells his father that he saw his mother, who is more concerned that he took the flowers, they’re both surprised when she arrives to use the oven.


Misaki and her team have another meeting in a secret facility this time about transporting Izanami, after that they go through a scan to where Izanami is stored. Madame Orielle and the twins speak in a hotel room about wishing upon stars.



Back in the hut Suou has plucked some leaves that she uses to make a soup that her father had tought her to make, they all gather round to eat, it tastes bad but Hei has seconds. He gives her the money he got earlier as payment for her first mission and the red and blue stars can be seen above.



Stockholm syndrome in action.

The next day Hei is raiding the supply trucks which are transporting Izanami, he attacks by blowing a car up to get them to stop, firecrackers to disorientate them, followed by a smokescreen to get in close to take a few of the guards out. When he gets into the truck Izanami is in it starts moving.


In the epilogue Suou, July, and Mao are waiting near the sea where they will snipe Izanami if Hei fails to destroy it. Suou remembers when she was young that she, Shion and both of her parents went to an aquarium. Back in the present she sees a submarine emerge.



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