Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 31

One of the chimeras guarding Marcoh is missing.

Ed leaves Hawkeye’s house thanking her for telling him what happened in Ishval before meeting up with Al. They talk about what they’ll do when they get their bodies back. Since the alchemy used by Scar and May Chang worked when Father stopped their alchemy they want to learn it.


Thanks to 2chan  for the screenshots.


Mustang’s officers see each other off before they’re re-stationed and Hawkeye picks up some things from Mustang’s officer before seeing her off. She tells him not to die and he recalls the promise they made of her shooting him if he made a mistake. Mustang relates all his officers to the chess pieces in the set that the general in east city gave him before he left. There’s a note hidden in the king.


Ed and Al look for May Chang and Shao May, they meet up with Mustang who wants the 520 cenz he lent them back.  Ed  decides to keep it and return it when Mustang becomes the Fuhrer. He drops them off at the hotel where Fu is waiting inside.


Mustang arrives at a bar owned by Madame Christmas where he passes on the note he found, and a message gets passed onto the General who gave it to him.


Back at Dr Knox’s house Fu scolds Lan Fan since she couldn’t protect Ling and is upset since Wrath took his grand daughter’s left arm. Ed and Al suggest that they see Pinako in Risembool for an automail arm for Lan Fan but they decide against it determined to get the arm through their own means. They thank Dr Knox before leaving resolving to come back.



Dr Knox has a flashback of the Ishval war and then remembers the people he’s met recently, he then hears a knock at the door where he meets his son and ex wife, his son is determined to become a doctor. After welcoming them in tears of joy are on his face.


While in prison, Kimberly remembers when the officers wanted the philosophers stone that they gave him back, he swallowed it and blew them up, after this he was imprisoned. He is then met by a guard as he’s been released, he surprises the guard by leaving a time bomb on his wrist, this turns out to be a joke though.


A car is waiting for him outside the gates and inside it is Envy who tells him about why he was released, and how he has to wipe the village Marcoh lived in off the map and track down Marcoh and Scar. Envy gives him a philosophers stone made from the souls of Marcoh’s research assistants.


Scar actually rescued Marcoh and in order to disguise him he destroys his face they plan to head North where Scar hid his brother’s notes.


The episode ends with a shot of the Briggs.

Next Episode:

Mustang meets someone at Hughes grave, and it looks like things will be shifting to Briggs soon.


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