Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 06

The episode starts with an overjoyed Norio eating the cake his mother baked for afternoon tea.

May have taken a week but they’re up…

His mother makes another cake as part of her remuneration and he tells her about how Suou, she leaves after she puts another cake in the oven telling him to stay away from her.


The submarine arrives and Suou and July see Youko and Mina in the distance accompanied by guards. Mao tries to contact Hei but gets no response. The trucks then arrive with Misaki and Michiru.


The truck that Hei is in is being taken somewhere else though and inside it Hei opens the container but finds it empty. He gets out when the truck stops only to find Genma waiting for him who turns the truck armour. Hei tries to take him down but is knocked away. When Mao tries to contact Hei and when Misaki tries to contact Genma, neither respond.




The trucks open up, Mao moves closer and July tells him which container. Back to Hei and Genma where Hei can only dodge Genma’s attacks, Genma tells him that Izanami is a doll. The guards prepare to load the container into the submarine. Suou is prepared to shoot but Mina is already on the way and Mao manages to leap onto her boat.


Both Suou and July run away with Suou remembering Hei’s words as they escape into the town and intends to take the shot. July tells Mao of a silver coloured doll who concludes that it must be Yin. Meanwhile Hei has made the same conclusion and is trying to escape but Genma won’t let him. He manages to escape by latching onto a passing car and Genma is unable to follow him since he destroyed the truck.



“This is the truck!”

Mina arrives on the other side of the harbour. Mao jumps off the boat and lands on July with Suou who is preparing to take the shot. Before she can fire though Hei stops her and her shot hits the loading crane, dropping the container. Inside it is Yin.


No comment.


They split up and Hei chases the submarine with Mina right behind him. Misaki and Youko talk aboard the submarine, Youko explains that BK-201 has lost his ability.



They wait in a park where Mao tells Suou about how Yin was their comrade. The water from the fountain then attacks her. Some of the members in Norio’s gang tell him that Suou is fighting some old lady in a contractor battle knowing that the old lady is his mother he runs towards them.

Back in the park Michiru has the water around Suou’s neck and when she asks her to go with her, she remembers Hei and summons the rifle. Norio hears a gunshot. The shot missed and when Michiru tries to use her power it doesn’t work and she struggles to breathe. Yin’s surveillance spectre then appears and envelops her in an orb of water. Norio arrives just as she drowns and lashes out at Suou. Suou, July, and Mao run away as sirens sound in the distance.




Hei speaks with the client again who turns out to be Madame Orielle. They talk about how the mission went wrong and how he can’t work for her anymore.

Suou, July, and Mao wait at a train station for Hei. They travel by train once he arrives and July tells him that he saw Yin’s surveillance spectre when Michiru died.



Misaki and Youko stand outside the container, Misaki talks about the anti contractor weapon and asks just who and what section 3 really is. Yin’s surveillance spectre swims outside the ship.


Suou, Hei, July, and Mao are in another safe house. Mao watches television, July pours tea, and Suou looks through her mother’s photo book. Suou talks about how Norio hates her now and remembers how Hei stopped her and called her name. She goes into the kitchen to find Hei cooking and he doesn’t want her to shoot anymore, she agrees only if he doesn’t drink anymore. He leaves to go to a convenience store and Suou grabs her jacket to go with him.




Never underestimate the power of Stockholm syndrome.

Norio is in his room and Lebanon having removed the wig knocks on his door with cake. and tries to cheer him up by saying that due to his mother’s profession and being a contractor she would have been killed eventually and that at least he was able to meet her. They both start crying with Norio eating the cake.


This would have been easier to take seriously if he didn’t eat the cake.

In the epilogue, Hei and Suou leave the convenience store, as they walk she sees Yin’s surveillance spectre appear before Hei and then disappear. When he asks what it is she says that it was nothing and kicks the snow that Yin appeared from.


Next Episode:



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