Gintama 184

The ranking battle comences.

Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots.

The ending theme is used as the opening theme, complete with the rankings.

Sougo has Shinpachi at swordpoint, he accuses him of being the culprit, Gintoki saves him by pulling down Sougo’s pants but he’s another pair of wearing boxer shorts, Kondo comes to help Sougo by pulling down Gintoki’s pants but he’s wearing a loincloth, Kagura comes to help Gintoki and pulls down Kondo’s pants, he’s not wearing any pants to begin with. His rank doesn’t drop as no one cares since he hasn’t worn pants countless times.




Otae appears and kicks him in the groin and into the cieling, the rest of Diamond Perfume arrive and do a dance routine. Kagura joins them changing their rank to no.6. Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Sougo band together. Katsura and Hijikata appear and restrain Kyuubei and Otae.



Katsura wants to take out Kyuubei since their characters are too similar. Otae accuses them of being mere ripoffs of historical figures to which they reply that she’ll never understand their pain, upon this they form a temporary truce.



Katsura’s handcuffs break and he attacks Kyuubei with his bombs. They tell each other that they should change their characters. Since neither intends to do so they leap into battle with Katsura yelling “let’s party”.


Hijikata fights Otae, and she makes a joke about how Kazuya Nakai is his voice actor. Hijikata is fighting for Kondo’s dignity, but he attacks him having joined Diamond Perfume.


Kagura and Sougo fight and her rank lowers but then jumps up to no.12. This is due to Kondo dancing with no pants on as he intends to destroy Diamond Perfume from the inside he then strips naked intending to further lower his rank. Sougo tries to lower his rank and Kagura tries to raise it.



Meanwhile Gintoki and Shinpachi are up against Tsukuyo and Saachan, they have a disagreement as Tsukuyo doesn’t care about the character rankings. Elizabeth and Sadaharu show up and knock them both out in badass costumes with the “I AM SHOCK” background music.



Gintoki and Shinpachi’s ranks go into the 200s, Hasegawa crawls to them and tells them the truth. They then meet a cloaked figure, Yamazaki he was behind this and pitted everyone against each other as their ranks would be lowered, Shinpachi hits him and talks about how he was proud of his position after listening to Yamazaki in the previous episodes.



Everyone appears before them to congratulate them as they’re both no.1 now, they then throw them off the roof.


Full opening theme as the ending theme with a countdown of moments from the characters at their ranks.

Next Episode:

The Yorozuya exterminate wasps and Hijikata tours a mayonnaise factory.



2 Responses to Gintama 184

  1. fukki says:

    this arc was awesome, best part was “let’s party” parody XD, zura asking kyuube to act like date masamune hahah and otae asking hijikata to say lets party since he is date seiyuu, awesome, also zura vs kyuube and okita vs kagura is awesome! cant wait for next week mayo factory LOL

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It certainly has been memorable, and it was pretty unique to do an arc like this.

    Yeah the “let’s party” was one of the best parts of the episode. I’m surprised they picked “let’s party” over “put your guns on” though, but either would have worked.

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