Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 07

The FSB go over the information about Suou’s house, the extent that her father went to hide Shion and that the memories that they extracted from his corpse were insufficient, an agent arrives with a photograph that proves that Dr Pavilchenko is still alive and has been sighted in Tokyo.

The second backstage pass is up this time Mao’s VA, Ikuya Sawaki joins Hidenobu Kiuchi and Kana Hanazawa who voice Hei and Suou respectively.

Misaki un-expectantly meets Genma in front of the abandoned observatory. He implies that she’s being watched and asks if they want to work together.

Suou, Hei, Mao, and July are planning to escape from Hokkaido through one of Hei’s contacts but aside from section 3, there’s also the CIA, and the FSB after them so it won’t be easy. Suou sees July react to a drop of water hitting him, and she accidently hits a car with a snowball when she was aiming for Mao. The car stops and the woman inside who turns out to be the contact. As they travel July scans ahead and she deduces that he’s a doll.

The Golgo 13 lookalike, Kobayashi Gorou meets with an old man, they talk about what recently happened and that they should hurry with their plans. Mina waits outside, the old man asks her about her family.

Suou, Hei, July, and Mao are at a makeup artist’s house where they are being disguised in order to cross over to Honshuu.

The FSB commander and Tanya arrive in Sapporo and are travelling to Tokyo. The agents transporting them hand him a picture of Hei, Suou, Mao, and July. Tanya identifies Suou and the agents also reveal that they have a contractor searching for them, Ilya Sokoloff.

Some girls see a man drawing and when they ask him what he’s drawing he shows them a sketch of them covered in cuts. The man is Ilya Sokoloff.


In disguise as a family bringing home their departed child, Suou, Hei, Mao, and July pass through an inspection point. They pay the contact, and Suou talks to July, pulling his cheek to get a reaction. She tells him to say something if he has to.

Their car’s tires rupture as the contact intended to steal and then sell July. Suou wants to rescue him but Hei dismisses the idea since he was only a doll, she brings up Yin and spots July’s surveillance spectre. Taking it as a call for help she jumps onto a truck with Mao. Leaving Hei behind.

On the truck she talks about how people’s feelings somehow remain when they become dolls and contractors. July’s surveillance spectre appears to guide them.

They arrive at a warehouse where July is being kept, before they go in and remembering Hei’s training Suou picks up some broken glass. When they find them Mao distracts her and Suou attacks her with the glass.

Ilya Sokoloff arrives and kills the contact before turning to Suou and July, he catches Mao and leads them away.

Another wasted character design…

Having restrained them in his car he fulfils his remuneration which is to sketch people covered in cuts, talks about how contractors can’t dream and how he stopped killing irrationally when he became one. Hei leaps off a truck and onto the car smashing through a window and swinging the wire around Sokoloff’s neck. He retaliates by using his power on Hei, but he escapes before it can do too much damage, July covers the windscreen, using this Hei swings over the car and finishes Sokoloff.

Is it just me or does the character on the side of the truck say “black”?

Hei releases them and reveals that it was because of July that he was able to find them. Suou checks on him and when she touches the bruise on his head, he immediately says that it hurts.

Shion and his father, Dr Pavilcheko talk in an aquarium. Suou, Hei, July, and Mao hop onto a train as the FSB commander watches.

Next Episode:

Suou meets Tanya again, also Madame Orielle in a swimsuit…


2 Responses to Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 07

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i actually saw it before your summary for once, glass throwing was awsome =) but kind of gross…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    She definitely went too far with that. She did hit a target more with the glass than the rifle though.

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