Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 33

Kimblee continues to pursue Scar and Marcoh.

Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots.

Fuck Yeah Olivier!

Ed and Al have arrived in North City, they remember when it snowed in Risembool before heading towards the Briggs. Kimblee is also in the North and heads to confront Scar.

On a train Scar hears something and after looking twice finds Kimblee on a parallel train, he leaps onto the carriage and finds  who he thinks is Marcoh but is actually Yorki. Before he can do anything else Scar swings down and recognising Kimblee attacks in rage, destroying the carriage. He attacks him with his arm but Kimblee dodges, he then throws a pipe that strikes him in the gut. Before he can finish him, Kimblee escapes by seperating the carriages.  When the train drivers stop the train to see what happened, they find Kimblee who talks about the beauty of the battlefield.




The following day May and Marcoh walk through the snow sighting the Briggs mountain range along the border to Drachma. It matches what was on Scar’s map.


Olivier eyecatch.

In Rush Valley Winry receives a call about Ed and Al heading North, her boss warns her.

A cart driver takes Ed and Al as far as he can and hints a danger of automail in cold weather. They are then caught in a blizzard and meet a man with a automail arm like a crocodile’s mouth who attacks him. Ed’s automail arm seizes up and he grabs it with his automail arm and starts the chainsaw inside it. He stops it with alchemy and gets his arm out with Al’s head. Before they know it, they are surrounded by soldiers.



The soldiers belong to Olivier Mira Armstrong, she tells the soldiers to search them and they find Armstrong’s letter. She rips it up without even opening it preferring to evaluate people herself and welcoming them into the fortress.



May and Marcoh are able to find Scar’s brother’s notes in an abandoned shack.

Next Episode:

Sloth attacks the Briggs fortress.

On a completely unrelated note, damn you gamefreak for making the pokedex so difficult to complete.


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  1. mira elric says:

    j’adore full metal alchemist surtout Ed .Et quand se serai grande je voudrais me marier avec un garcon qui ai la meme coiffure que Ed et pour sa meche pas de probleme je ve devenir chanteuse , je commence deja a chanter les generiques de full metal alchemist s’ est du japonais mais je suis francaise donc si je suis chanteuse j’ aurais tous se que je voudrai donc on me ferra sa meche en perruque si vous voulez chatter avec moi chatter an francais vous n’ aurrais qu’ a ecrire salut winrry si vous aimer full metal alchemist

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