Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 08

The episode starts with a scene from Suou’s past where she is in a competition with Nika as to who can hold their breath longer underwater. When Sasha declared her the winner instead of Nika they started splashing eachother. It then quickly changes to Misaki swimming lengths and meeting Madame Orielle when she gets out of the pool. They talk about the Mitaka documents briefly and due to her she was able to get some new information.

Misaki always looks good in a swimsuit.

Here’s a stitch of Madame Orielle that I made from the preview shots.

The FSB commander loads his gun and receives some information from the SVR agents . Suou looks through her photo book and Hei heads out. When he walks down the hall, he is cornered by the FSB commander and one of SVR agents. After this Tanya and one of the SVR agents arrive in front of Suou’s room, she uses her bugs to get her out of the room and the agent knocks her out, while Tanya chloroforms July. Mao heads out to get help but is chased by a conductor.

Hei has lunch with the FSB commander who offers him a drink which he turns down, under watch. Instead he eats a lot of food which surprises everyone, as there’s a cue of restaurant staff lined up with just his food. By hiding along the lights Mao has managed to evade the conductor, Suou wakes up in front of Tanya.

One step closer to the old Hei.

The FSB commander wants Hei to join the FSB and when he goes to leave the FSB commander pulls out a detonator. Suou and Tanya talk about why she didn’t shoot her, Tanya was jealous of Suou’s friendship with Nika since she liked him.

In a restaurant Misaki meets Genma again, she accuses him of stalking. He tells her of a doll capable of killing contractors, Izanami. Back on the train the FSB commander is telling Hei a something similar as he wants to capture Izanami. He also talks about how he hated Ilya Sokoloff along with his reasons for doing so, as his niece was killed by him. Knowing that he wouldn’t use the detonator Hei escapes.

The train is stopped by Tanya’s bugs allowing her and the agent carrying Suou to get off the train, Hei attacks the agent so Suou could run away, Tanya chases after her.

She finds a nearby pool and jumps into it holding her breath. When she can’t hold her breath any longer she gets out of the water and splashes Tanya like she did at the start of the episode. Remembering this she briefly comes to her senses but changes back when she hears her orders.

Meanwhile, Hei has managed to track down the wounded FSB commander and since they are no longer able to negotiate he pulls out a knife and runs at him. Hei turns it around causing the FSB commander to stab himself and with his last dying breath he asks if it was Hei who killed Ilya, he dies after Hei confirms it.

Surrounded by Tanya’s bugs Suou summons her rifle but is unable to shoot, a shot is then fired killing Tanya. Hei, July, and Mao arrive and Hei tells her that it was alright to shoot then. She tells him that she didn’t shoot and confused of what he’s trying to tell her she walks away on her own with July following her.

This shot was confusing…

Shion and his father are on a rooftop with a rifle similar to Suou’s rifle, meaning that it was actually Shion who shot Tanya.

Misaki goes over the tape recording of her confrontation of Yoshimitsu Hourai in the last episode of the previous series. She hears something.

Suou, July, and Mao are in Tokyo. Suou seems to have caught a cold.

Next Episode:

Suou, July, and Mao meet Kiko and Gai.

Hei gets a haircut, his stuff back, kidnaps Youko, and fights Mina.


2 Responses to Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 08

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i don’t like shion… and i don’t their father either. i hope they turn out to be bad guys so suou can put a hole through them like they did to tanya XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Either that or Hei somehow gets his powers back and electric batmans them, would be good. That’s just wishful thinking though…

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