Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 09

Misaki hears a message from Amber and Suou, Mao, and July continue to travel through Tokyo, despite Suou’s cold getting worse. When Kiko and one of her friends get on the same train that they’re traveling on they notice how similar Suou looks to one of the characters from a series that they’re fans of.

I believe that that guy is reading Shonen Gangan, the cover even has Soul Eater on it…

Subtle marketing there, Bones.

In one of his safehouses, Hei cleans himself up and retrieves another set of equipment.

The members of Section 3 discuss the abandoned rifle that Shion had used in the previous episode, the rifle is made to be used by someone left-handed while the rifle that Suou used in Vladivostok was to be used by someone left-handed. They refer to Shion/Suou as Izanagi.

Suou awakes in a strange room which turns out to be Kiko’s bedroom.

Is that poster above Mao a parody poster of Hei?

Misaki looks into Amber’s past and uses the disk that the message told her to use, a keyword is needed which turns out to be Izanami the same keyword that Madame Orielle told her about in episode 5. The CD contains the Mitaka documents and Amber is entrusting Misaki to tell Hei about them.

Meanwhile Kiko and her friend have tricked Suou into cosplaying the character she looked like, and she tells them that she wants to go to Ikebukuro and the reason why.

They go to Gai’s office who’s in tears at how touching Suou’s story is, Mao still dislikes Gai and Kiko. Suou pays for their services. They then move around Tokyo investigating where Suou’s mother would be.

Kobayashi Gorou refuses to tell Misaki and Genma where Izanami is being kept and tells them the measures to which this is being hidden. Genma plans to search for the people besides Kobayashi who know where Izanami is, and Misaki wants to see Hei again and recalls a story about the Shinto deities Izanagi and Izanami.

Gai and Kiko continue to investigate where Suou’s mother would be with Suou, July and Mao where they find the spot where she took her photographs of the gate and Gai compares the professions of detectives and photographers. They leave Suou alone on the roof where they find that Suou’s mother is overseas. Back on the rooftop Suou takes a photograph from the same spot where her mother had done, she meets Madame Orielle who tells her where and when her mother will arrive back. When the others return she’s gone.

Considering that she just disappeared from the rooftop it could be taken as another hint that she might be Brita.

Genma and Misaki continue to investigate and they find out that Mina and Youko are at Haneda airport so that information has been leaked.

In Haneda, Mina meets her grandfather who tells her her mother’s circumstances and that he wants her to see her one last time before she passes away. Mina tells her grandfather that she hates him for using her as a puppet and that her becoming a contractor allowed her to break free of this.

Meanwhile Youko waits outside where she’s met by a worker who asks her to follow him, Mina receives a phone call from Genma who is on his way with Misaki about Youko, she goes out into the hall and Youko is gone.

Youko continues to follow the worker and when she asks him a question she recognises him as Hei, she tries to run away but he knocks her out. Before he can get away Genma and Misaki arrive, Misaki recognises him and calls out as he runs off. Genma gives chase smashing the door and chasing Hei with a truck after he had hijacked a bus. Hei manages to escape by driving infront of a moving plane to scare him off.

However he hadn’t escaped yet as he is greeted by Mina who tells him to put her down, he does so and easily beats her. Mina considers why she hesitated.

Back in the airport, Suou’s mother’s flight has been delayed slightly due to something happening on the run way. Gai is asleep and has a dream about his mother, Kiko uses this as a reason as to why Suou should want to see her mother when she was having doubts.

The flight arrives and Suou meets her mother who hugs her as she had missed her. Gai and Kiko leave as it wouldn’t be right to stay, and Suou’s mother calls her Shion.

In the epilogue her mother continues to call her Shion and when she reassures her that she’s Suou she freaks out as Suou had died.

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2 Responses to Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 09

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    suou is a zombie lol

    i was thinking suou’s power is just shion’s power shared with her through the pendant so she isn’t really a contractor, that’s why she isn’t as stoic as she should be. now that we know she’s supposed to have died so long ago, maybe there’s more to it than what i thought…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I remember reading a theory before, where Shion’s power was to create anything he wanted, so he could have recreated Suou as his first use. This would also explain the body the FSB found, losing contact with their mother, and how there was no record of Suou.

    And if I correctly recall, meteor shards acted as amplifiers for a contractor’s powers so Suou having the meteor core could have allowed her to use Shion’s powers to some degree.

    This is all speculation though.

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