Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 10

The episode starts with Misaki being told BK-201’s location with Section 3’s doll system shown. It then picks up where it left off last week with Suou’s mother freaking out from the possibility of Suou being there when she had died eight years ago, Suou brings up her memory of the visit to the aquarium but her mother doesn’t remember it. Both her and July jump out of the car and run off leaving Mao in the car as it drives off.

While still walking down the highway, Suou tells July about her memory of the aquarium, he spots a observation spirit and asks it to keep it a secret. After this Section 3’s doll system loses its effectiveness.

The following morning Misaki stops by a vending machine and by the trash can she finds Suou and July sleeping so she picks them up. She remembers July and when she asks Suou about Hei she quickly tells her about his current actions. Suou begins to question whether she’s the real Suou.

When they stop the car Misaki gives them each a meat bun and presents the origami crane she found in the hotel, Suou is still quite sure of her memories.

Man, Misaki eats fast.

Meanwhile, Mao is stuck in Suou’s mother’s apartment and recognises her from her ankles, as he had met her in Ikebukuro when he still had his original body and when she was pregnant with Suou and Shion. He then helps her up the steps.

The doorbell rings and Suou’s mother meets Misaki at the door who is there to ask her some questions about her ex-husband, originally thinking that Misaki is an agent from the syndicate she reluctantly tells the story of what happened to Suou.

At the same time Mao tells Suou and July of the second time he had met her mother and we get some of Mao’s back story. Shorty after he had joined the syndicate in Moscow, in order to spy on the Dr Pavilchenko’s experiments, he took over the body of a black cat which he is most known for in the series. During this Suou’s mother is visiting the same university with Suou and Shion. When Shion needs to go to the bathroom Suou decides to stay behind and practice her origami. A missile launched by another faction of the syndicate then strikes the university and in this Mao’s body is lost and the original Suou died.

Finally this was explained, it was nice to incorporate how the original Suou died into it as well.

Elsewhere Hei is interrogating Youko of Yin’s whereabouts also referring to Yin as Izanami, when she hears this she goes into a panic of what would happen if Izanami and Izanagi were to meet. She says 18th research building while still panicking as she wants to protect Mina.

As soon as he steps out of the building he bumps into Madame Orielle, she tells him about the rifle found on the rooftop and how Section 3 has captured Suou.

Suou’s mother continues to tell the story from eight years ago, she sees Suou’s body in the ME as her husband wants to bring her back. Mao stuck in the cat’s body attacks the doctor blaming him for what happened to his body, while he’s distracted she grabs Suou’s body and runs. Shion chose to stay with his father and Suou’s remains were cremated.

She tells Misaki that the current Suou is here due to Shion’s ability and her thoughts to this, from hearing this Suou runs off with July and Mao following her.

Misaki manages to catch up and Suou considers whether it was due to her being a copy that it didn’t effect her as much as it should, Misaki then agrees to guarantee their safety only to be attacked by Hei who disarms her when she breaks free and draws her gun. Before he can bring down his blade Suou stops him telling him that she gave them meat buns. They then leave and Misaki calls out to Hei calling him Li again.

Section 3 and Mina have been able to find Youko but it’s already too late as her lifeless body lays on the floor. Mina kisses her and swears to kill BK-201.

How the f*ck did this happen?

Hei, Suou, July, and Mao are on a bus where Suou tells Hei that she’s a copy.

In the aquarium Shion and his father talk about how Suou’s memory of the aquarium was fabricated and that she must learn what pain it. An orange crescent moon hangs in the sky.

Having arrived at their safe house Suou tells Hei how happy she was for him to call her name, he pats her on the head and tells her that he doesn’t care if she’s a copy. While Suou and July sleep, Hei and Mao talk about Suou and Mao asks if it was because Suou reminded him of Bai that he returned. Hei responds that it was due to him seeing himself in Suou that he did. They spot something.

Madame Orielle and her twin dolls look up at the moon, Yin glows within a field of flowers in the gate.

AntiSpiral Yin

Next Episode:

Hei cooks, the aquarium and Genma attacks.


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