Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 36

Hohenheim says some names, that he’ll be using theam and rips into his chest and the wounds heal automatically,  he returns to the house and watches over Ed and Al as they sleep. The next day a photographer arrives and the family photo seen on the wall is taken. Hohenhiem’s face is shown to be crying.

Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots.

While looking over a map he discovers Father’s plan, Ed peeks into his office. He fixes the swing outside and tell Trisha that he has to leave so he packs his suitcase and leaves the next day.

Some of Olivier’s soldiers remain in the tunnel and when they decide to further explore it the horses refuse to go any further, the shadows then stab them. One manages to get almost get away.

Back to the discussion between Olivier and General Raven, she opposes the idea but acts as if she’s interested, she recieves a report about the team in the tunnel and both her and General Raven go to the tunnel.

Buccaneer leads Ed and Al out, Ed transmutes some ropes and in the hallway they meet Kimblee who is escorted by Miles.

Only a horse managed to survive the attack and only an arm remains of one of the soldiers, General Raven wants the hole to be sealed and for Sloth to be put back.

Bonus Olivier eyecatch.

Ed and Al are returned to their cell and General Raven talks to them in there. They know that he’s corrupt and he tells them what’s going to happen with Sloth.

Olivier talks with a subordinate who object to what they’re doing, Kimblee and Miles watch from the observation deck. General Raven greets Sloth before he returns to digging the tunnel, and makes an announcement to seal the hole.

Back in the shack where May and Marcoh are staying, Marcoh tries to decipher the notes and May is worried about Scar. A team of soldiers find the shack and Scar dispatches them having arrived back with Yorki.

While the hole is being filled in General Raven says that they’ll have to prepare a new seat for Olivier in central and she attacks him for what happened to her soldiers and that there’ll be no need for them to prepare one, stabbing him in the arm and knocking him into the cement before cleaning her blade with her gloves. She is handed another pair of gloves by Buccaneer.

Keyhole stuffed up, so I’ll update this part later.

Kimblee pays a visit to Ed and Al’s cell and Winry arrives with him. Ed and Al are shocked to see her there with Kimblee who will use her as a hostage if he has to.

Mustang recieves information from one of his informants and buys flowers from the old lady at the stand.

Next Episode:

Ed gets his automail replaced, and the soldiers in the Briggs explore the tunnel again.


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