Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor 11

The bodies of multiple contractors litter the ground within the gate as Yin walks forth humming a tune, the orange cresent moon can clearly be seen in the sky as multiple observer spirits move around her.

In the kitchen of the safehouse Suou finds Hei cooking something that turns out to be Palmeni, she offers to help out and then takes over cooking them. After breakfast Hei leaves to do what he has to do, he leaves Suou to do the same, promising to come back.

In Section 3, what has happened to Youko has been told to her team and they’ve concluded that BK-201 tortured her in order to find Izanami. The team is split up between Misaki and Genma who will go after Dr Pavilchenko, and Kobayashi and Mina who will investigate the matter. Misaki recites the poem from the Mitaka documents and Kobayashi fills in the last line. Since the poems prediction is in the final stages they are left with one last option, Izanagi must die.

As they walk through Ikebukuro, Mao tells Suou that Hei has gone to put an end to Yin as he blames himself for what has happened to her, Suou wants to see Shion again.

They arrive at the aquarium to find it in ruins, Dr Pavilchenko steps forth, he explains to her why he’s still alive and how Suou is still alive all due to Shion’s ability to copy things. What truly happened two years ago in Siberia is also explained, Shion had been a contractor since birth and upon the falling of the meteor he was able to copy people starting with Suou using himself as a base. Suou also learns that some of her memories including that of the aquarium are fabricated. Upon this she becomes further determined to see Shion again.

Section 3 has been able to locate them with the doll system and Genma knows that they’re at the aquarium.

As they walk through the courtyard, July receives a message of whats on the way, he grabs Suou’s hand and runs. Meanwhile Madame Orielle has had her dolls pass on a message to July, she receives a call from Mr Smith to which she fries the phone and walks out.

Section 3’s forces have arrived at the aquarium and Genma blocks Suou’s way. He still hasn’t caught onto Suou not being Shion, Dr Pavilchenko pulls out a gun and shoots to scare him out of the way. Having escaped from him they run through another courtyard where a contractor who can create javelins from the air stands on a rooftop. He fires one down at Suou but her father grabs and gets her out of the way, however he was struck through the thigh. Suou is able to stop the bleeding by making a bandage out of her shirt.

You’d think he would have picked up on it yet…

Madame Orielle and Misaki meet up and when a contractor is about to attack her, she fires a ray gun that creates a field that kills contractors, she tells her that they have to leave. The CIA has arrived to capture Izanami and Izanagi in order to restore the United States’ status as a superpower.


Dr Pavilchenko is struggling so they stop, but Genma can be heard calling out to them nearby. He tells them to leave him behind so Suou summons her rifle to take care of Genma entrusting Mao with looking after her father.

She catches him by surprise, putting a dent in his armour. He begins to charge and she lands two more hits before he knocks her to the ground. He quickly repairs his armour and grabs Suou before she can grab her gun. She throws gravel at his eyes to distract him allowing her to pick up her rifle and land a headshot.

I somehow knew this fight would take place eventually…

Suou arrives back but it’s already too late for her father as he’s lost too much blood, before he passes he tells her that he was glad to have seen her grown up and that she will always be Suou to him along with that she should hold onto her pendant until Shion tells her otherwise.

Genma and some of Section 3’s forces arrive only to find Dr Pavilchenko’s body, before Genma can crush him Mr Smith arrives with some of the CIA’s forces as Dr Pavilchenko’s memories are too valuable to waste.

In Izanami’s storage room, Hei arrives to find the restraints undone and Yin nowhere to be seen. Mina ambushes him from the ceiling and before he can react, she swings her blade at his head.

Oh Shi-

Guided by Madame Orielle’s dolls through July they arrive at the end of the tunnel to the gate where Madame Orielle, her dolls, and Misaki are waiting. Madame Orielle refers to Mao as Ricardo and Misaki is confused that Mao can talk. Suou has disappeared.

Suou is instead in the room where Shion is only to find him lying unconscious on the floor.

Next Episode:

The series’ events concludes within the gate.


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