Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 37

Soldiers under Kimblee’s command arrive from central.

Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots as usual.

Winry replaces Ed’s arm, on the way to the Briggs, Kimblee and Winry talked leaving her with a good impression of him and he told her about her parents in the war. Ed tells her otherwise and remembers what Hawkeye told him about the war and teasing him about Winry. This causes him to flip out.

Having had his arm replaced Ed finds it lighter and Winry sees Buccaneer’s clawed automail arm and is amazed. The mechanic offers to show her more of the automail that they have. Kimblee uses this as a chance to talk with Ed.

Al remains in his cell guarded by the soldiers from Central and Buccaneer leads another group through the tunnel. He tells Olivier to seal the entrance if they aren’t back within 24 hours.

Back in Central, Mustang continues to talk with the flower saleswomen, both his and Olivier’s forces will be working together in the future. Alone, Mustang talks to Hughes via monologue and when it zooms out he is surrounded by bunches of flowers.

Inside the tunnel, Buccaneer and his men find severed bodies. They manage to find some survivors but they’re terrified of the light due to what was in the tunnel coming back.

Hawkeye delivers some documents, Selim sneaks up behind her, and after he goes to bed Bradley’s wife tells her that he was adopted from one of Bradley’s relatives. As she contemplates what Bradley’s wife said knowing how Bradley had grown up from Mustang, she hears a voice and Selim reveals himself  to be the original homuculus, Pride with the shadows moving around him.

Pride binds her and cuts her cheek, he then leaves and the shadows shift away.

Kimblee tells Ed the three jobs that he has to do, find Marcoh, find Scar, and orchestrate an event similar to Ishval and Lior at the Briggs. Ed refuses this order so Kimblee makes an offer, in return he would receive a Philosopher’s Stone. Before agreeing he asks to talk with Winry and Al alone.

He’s allowed to talk with Al and Winry so they do so in the cell. He tells them that they’re currently being treated as hostages, what he has to do, and what he’ll receive in return. Winry thinks of herself as a burden.

After this he leaves with Kimblee. Al tells Winry that Ed is only going to go after May Chang. Winry needs to think of a reason to go as well.

Before they leave the Briggs Winry also gets into the car. She uses the excuse of looking over Ed’s new automail to go.

Next Episode:

Scar fights the soldiers from central and Ed, Al, and Winry meet up with Scar’s group.


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