Gintama 189

Merry Christmas everyone, this episode was a two part episode with the first part about a Journalist trying to find information and the second part is about Kagura making a friend during their morning exercises. Anyway onto the episode.

A journalist wants to find information on the war between the Joui and the Bakufu.

Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots.

To do this he travels to a rural village and questions an old man called Nagai who was a reporter during the war. The Amanto came and used their superior technology to force the Bakufu to force them to submit, the war then began. The Nagai mentions Katsura, Takasugi, and Sakamoto but not Gintoki.

The journalist wants to know about the White Devil so Nagai then tells a story of when Katsura and Takasugi were stuck in the trenches under fire. The Amanto ships are shot down and a Gundam stands in the dust.

Turns out it was something for the thirtieth Gundam anniversary, the reporter and Nagai looking a lot like Kai and General Revin probably gave it away.

Kagura wakes up with the radio as an alarm and bursts out. She arrives in the park where there are people preparing to do exercises the only kids in the class are her and a boy, Hisashi. The next morning she wakes up the same way and does the exercises.

This continues day after day until only her and Hiashi are left, after the exercises end Hiashi offers to stamp her card. They talk on a park bench where Hisashi is determined to do the exercises despite having ill-health and at the end they both promise to do their best.

Day after day they do their exercises each day with a different instructor, over the course of this they become friends.

After missing a day due to rain Kagura arrives at the park to find Hisashi not there.

She finds out that he had been hospitalised for doing the exercises in the rain she tells him that until he comes back it will always be raining. She takes his card to complete and continues to exercise doing ‘s share of exercise as well.

One day it rains again and the radio breaks, Gintoki arrives as the instuctor with everyone else also exercising. They continue and more and more people join in. At the end when people are getting their cards stamped, Kagura is looking at her stamps and a hand pats her shoulder, she turns around and smiles. The rain stops.

Next Episode:

Gintoki pisses on a cat’s grave and is cursed by being transformed into a cat.


3 Responses to Gintama 189

  1. fukki says:

    GUNDAM!!!!!!!!dude, gintoki is the man, I love the way he cheers up kagura in this episode, sometimes he doesnt give a crap about her (or pretend he doesnt) and then he comes and do this really cool thing that makes me thing, dude, gintoki is the man.

    next arc is really funny.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Gintoki can be pretty cool when he needs to be, and it’s always nice to finish an episode/chapter with this kind of stuff.

    I managed to read through it and it was pretty good. Not only was it funny it also had some awesome moments and was kind of moving in the end.

  3. fukki says:

    next arc? I read it too, I agree with you about the arc, waiting for the next serious arc!!

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