Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 38

When Hawkeye arrives home, eyes glitter in the dark and she immediately recalls what Pride said about watching her.

Thanks to 2chan for the screenshots. Also FMA is taking a break for a week and will be back on 10/01/10.

She’s relieved to find out that the eyes were actually Black Hayate’s, at that moment she receives a phone call from Mustang about the flowers he bought.

Ed and Al along with Kimblee and his men are searching for Scar in a ghost town. Two of his men go with them to keep an eye on them so they trick them by running off, pretending to have seen something, and blocking the way with alchemy.

May Chang arrives and is surprised that Al has come to see her

Both Marcoh and Yorki arrive, Ed and Al don’t recognise Marcoh at first and don’t remember Yorki at all, so he tells them his tale of how he was stationed in a coal mining town and Ed collaborated with the Inn owner to trick him out of the deed with fake gold.

After this he loses everything and tries to rob the Armstrong manor. Until he is eventually found by some Ishvallan refugees and he swears to get his revenge.

And they weren’t listening to him at all.

Meanwhile elsewhere, two of Kimblee’s men arrive where Scar is and reveal themselves to be Chimera. Scar takes them on.

Ed, Al, and Winry are with Marcoh, May, and Yorki. They hear an explosion from where Scar is, Ed and Al leave Winry with them as they go to Scar.

Meanwhile Scar is having difficulty fighting the two chimera, Ed and Al arrive and attack the Chimera, with his upgraded automail Ed is able to hit them with ease. He sneaks up behind the chimera that spits slime, transmutes it into slime, and kicks Al onto him where he gets stuck.

However there is still the other Chimera who in an attempt to prove that he’s on their side begins to transform back. Ed uses this opportunity to take him out, Al knocks out the other Chimera as well.

They then prepare to face off with Scar, he grabs Ed’s automail arm but his arm doesn’t destroy it, Ed quickly gets out of the way and knocks him to the ground, Ed and Al then transmute cables around his arm. Winry had followed them and tells them to stop, Miles arrives with some soldiers and apprehends Scar, Winry then confronts him.

In the tunnel below the Briggs, Buccaneer knows that the exit would have been sealed as the time limit has elapsed. The exit hasn’t been sealed yet as the officer’s watch is broken as Olivier told him to go by that watch in particular. He meets Olivier on the top of the fortress and they talk about the colours of the landscape and watch as some cars arrive.

Kimblee stands outside of a building, the wall blasts open and Ed appears, who asks him why he didn’t protect Winry. On top of the building stands Scar with Winry under his arm.

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2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 38

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    the intro and the chimera fight scene make this the scariest and probably one of the funniest episodes at the same time =)
    1 more ep and then new op and ed =D
    at this rate, are we still headed for 52ish eps?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I think it’s confirmed for 63 or so episodes now. I’d forgotten about the new opening and ending…

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