Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 39

Scar stares down on Kimblee remembering events from the Ishval war.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screenshots.

New Opening:

“Period” by Chemistry.

Ed grabs him by the collar since he was supposed to protect Winry. To this Kimblee removes his gloves and attempts to attack him, Ed stops him but they have to retreat due to a nearing blizzard.

Winry demands to know why Scar killed her parents and she bandages his arm as it’s what her parents would have done. Miles then confronts him, pointing his gun at him and reveals to him that he is part Ishvalan, he then makes the call to Kimblee. Marcoh and May Chang step forth with Scar’s brother’s notes to stop them from arresting Scar, as he would be the only one able to decipher them. They need a plan to  get Winry out of her position as a hostage and get Scar and his group to the Briggs without revealing Marcoh. Scar agrees to comply with this plan. Yorki brings up using the tunnels that were used for mining to get to the Briggs.

Miles then gives the order to shoot the Chimera and they accept their fate having become what they are. But Al stops them and convinces them to keep living.

In order to escape her situation, Winry offers herself as a hostage to which Ed opposes this plan but due to their options being limited reluctantly agrees and frees Scar. The chimera inspired by Al’s words want to go as well and go with their arms bound. Before Winry leaves with Scar she removes her earrings and leaves them with Ed until they meet again. The events of the last episode and the start of this one then come to fruition.

Due to the blizzard, Kimblee and his forces are unable to pursue Scar, Miles receives a call from the Briggs.

Meanwhile Scar’s group, Winry and the captured Chimera are moving underground towards the Briggs where they arrive in a room. On the way Marcoh talks about Winry’s parents and Scar remembers the words of the chief and his Brother. In the room May doesn’t want to bring the current method for immortality, the philosophers stone to Xing as the emperor would create one without hesitation.

The that Miles received was about Olivier being summoned to central, meaning she would be replaced by a corrupt officer. This means that if Scar and his group were to arrive at the Briggs now they would be captured, so they need to deliver the message to them but the blizzard still impedes upon this. Al offers to go as the blizzard wouldn’t effect his body.

As Al moves through the blizzard, whiteness encompasses him and he sees his original body standing before the gate with a hand extended to him. When he reaches for it, his hand passes through it and the armour goes blank for a second. He recognises his as his soul rejecting the armour from the words of Barry the Chopper. He then heads off again with haste.

Father places four pieces representing the four sacrifice candidates on the five corners of the transmutation circle, one is obviously missing.

New Ending:

“Shunkan Sentimental” by SCANDAL.

Next Episode:

The events connecting Xerxes, Hohenheim, and the one in the flask.


4 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 39

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    the gundam seed op being the only chemistry song i’ve heard, i wasn’t expecting the op to be good, but i guess i was wrong =)btw is it just me or his singing kinda lag near halfway?
    the ed is ok imo. it’s somewhere between catchy and not catchy but i don’t really know where that is. XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I thought it sounded familiar…
    Not really sure, the animation does pick up around that point if that counts for anything.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    =( eclipse is still not done…

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Seems like Eclipse gets slower every week…

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