Durarara!! 01

In Tokyo for the first time, Mikado Ryuugamine is stranded in a train station in Ikebukuro.

Decided to start blogging this series. It’s fun to spot all the meta Brains Base stuff.

“Uragiri no Yuukake (Betrayal of the Sunset)” by Theatre Book.

He’s in Ikebukuro in order to attend a school there, Raira Academy after being persuaded by a friend he hasn’t seen since elementary school but has still been able to keep in contact with online. Before this he had lived a relatively sheltered life never leaving town and missing all the field trips in his previous schools. This friend, Masaomi Kida then greets him by surprise and his appearance has changed quite a lot since the last time he saw him. Kida then starts to give him a tour of Ikebukuro.

Mikado wants to go to West Gate Park but is worried about the “Colored” gangs, unworried Kida drags him along.

Two people, Tanaka Taro and Setton talk online. Tanaka Taro will be staying in an apartment near the Sunshine building.

Seeing the sights of Ikebukuro with his own eyes for the first time Mikado is amazed, Kida then explains to him that  the police have started cracking down on groups of people in similar coloured clothing suspecting them to be members of colored gangs in public after a fight broke out recently.

Not looking where he was going he bumps into a cardboard cutout of Holo, behind it are two of Kida’s friends Erika and Walker and with them in a nearby van are two more Kadota and Togusa whom Kida introduces to Mikado. They had just returned from buying copies of Dengeki Bunko. They then set off with their cutout.

As Mikado and Kida talk as they walk down the street they pass a girl. Having found her, a man in glasses talks over the phone with two thugs as one prepares the chloroform.

The internet conversation continues with another participant, Kanra joining in and the conversation shifts to mass suicides committed by those who meet online.

The man in the glasses meets up with the girl and after introducing themselves to each other, he leads her to the van. Where she is knocked out and dragged into the van by the man and the thugs. Izaya saw it all.

As Mikado and Kida continue to walk through the streets they continue to talk. They bump into another friend of Kida’s, a Russian of African American descent who goes by the name, Simon and is calling customers for the nearby sushi restaurant. Kida suggests that he stay on his good side as he’s about to suggest another person to whom he should do the same. A vending machine flies into the air, having been thrown by the very person Kida was talking about, Shizuo Heiwajima.

Having kidnapped their target the thugs wait for their client in a car park.

The internet conversation continues again and the subject has shifted to the urban legend of a motorcyclist in black.

The thugs notice a motorcyclist looking their way, one of them goes to attack them with a pipe and is subsequently has the wheel of the motorcycle hit them in the head and knocked against the wall.

The remaining thugs attempt to escape in the van but the rider grabs one and the thug uses his taser, before he can get away the rider gets up and slams his head against the wall. The remaining thug drives off and the rider gives chase, with the shadow of their motorcycle changing it’s shape to a horse.

In the discussion about the rider, Kanra seems to know someone that knows about the rider, Dotachin. The rider is headless.

The thug can’t seem to lose the rider and slams his breaks knocking them from their motorcycle. When he moves in to investigate,  he sees that their helmet has come off and that their head is missing. The rider then gets up and pulls a jet black scythe from where their head should be and in a single swing, takes out the thug who had moved to attack them.

Mikado and Kida are taking a quick rest, and Kida tells him about some more people that he should avoid, Izaya Orihara, and the Dollars gang. As they go to start walking again Mikado bumps into a girl and when Kida helps her up, a lashing around her neck can seen. After she runs off distressed, Kida comments on Mikado’s luck. At that moment they hear a ghastly sound and Kida runs off with Mikado following him. They then watch in awe as the rider drives by.

The discussion continues again and Tanaka Taro and Setton have both seen the rider and Tanaka Taro asks who Dotachin is.

Ending Theme:

“Trust me” by Yuuya Matsushita.

Next Episode:


As far as the opening and ending go I find that they can both be pretty fun to listen to, and the way the opening is animated (similar to Baccano!’s opening) should help with memorising some of the characters. The episode itself was a nice way to introduce some of the characters and show the setting of the show itself. It was also fun to spot the meta Brains Base stuff that was included from some of the other series that they’ve animated, mainly Baccano! and Spice and Wolf II.


3 Responses to Durarara!! 01

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i think i saw the trailer for this show…prolly one of those that gg includes in their releases XD i’m trying to read as little about the ep as possible and avoid spoilers in case i decide to watch it. so wat’s this show supposed to be about?
    all i know is that there is some mysterious biker with cat ears that kicks ass…and some kids are in it too…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Still might be too early to say since this episode mainly introduced the characters, but all synopses that I’ve read point to gang wars and supernatural events.

    The source material was written by the same author who wrote Baccano!, and a lot of the staff who worked on the adaptation to that are working on this. So it should be pretty good, since the main issue with that is that the chance of a second season is abysmally low.

  3. thug says:

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