Durarara!! 02

The principal of Raira Academy makes an announcement at the entrance ceremony, Mikado notices a girl in the crowd. At the same time a teacher is checking this girl out.

After this they introduce themselves to their classmates and the girl introduces herself as Sonohara Anri. Kida is in another class and the girl who was kidnapped in the previous episode is there as well, introducing herself as Kamichika Rio. A student in the same class that Mikado is in arrives late, introducing himself as Yagiri Seiji. He leaves shortly after wards as he only came to say that he had more important issues to attend to.

The events prior to when Rio was kidnapped are then explained. She had lived a happy life but was sent photos that showed that her father was having an affair and when she secretly sent these to her mother, the issue was brushed aside. Disgusted with how her life continued as if it didn’t happen, she longed to disappear. During this she was in contact with someone who went by the alias of Nakura, who was having similar thoughts.

She then traveled to Ikebukuro in order to meet Nakura and was greeted by the kidnapper from the previous episode who used the name, Nakura. Izaya overlooks it with binoculars. When she was dragged into the van she accepted it. Izaya makes a call and with this call the black motorcycle rider heads out.

Shizuo’s reason for throwing the vending machine was that of a money dispute.

After dispatching the kidnappers the rider rescued Rio and used her phone to communicate with her. She them took her to where someone was waiting for her on the rooftop.

She steps out onto the rooftop to where Izaya steps forth to reveal himself to be the real Nakura and that he had hired the rider to rescue her. He then goes on to reveal that it was also he who had hired the kidnappers all just to see her reaction, compare it to her wish to disappear, and then see her face having seen through it. He did this as he’s interested in humans.

He then leads her to the edge where a stain of blood can be seen below, here he talks about how living a life of honesty is impossible and dangles her over the edge after she tried to slap him. Before pulling her back and leaving her speechless on the edge.

She contemplates jumping just to slight him and realises that she might have needed an excuse like this, so she falls. As she falls the shadows stretch out to form a web that slowly lowers her to the ground. The web had been created by the rider who leaves with a message of the world not being all that cruel before leaving. Rio decides to return home and forgive her parents.

Having finished school for the day Mikado and Kida talk about where to go next, where they see Anri trying to stop Yagiri who shrugs her off. When they as what’s wrong she bows and runs off.

The rider stops before Izaya to ask him about the previous jumpers, he didn’t force them but he wouldn’t have stopped them either.

Next Episode:


As with the last episode, this episode seemed to mainly revolve around introducing and further developing some of the characters that were either not shown or only briefly shown in the last episode. The style of going back and detailing events from a different character’s perspective was something that I liked about this episode, which in this case the focus was around Rio while introducing Izaya’s character.


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